Hat trick!

So proud of our little buddy tonight! I don’t have one picture or video, but he had a soccer game and scored THREE goals! He really loves playing soccer, and it is fun to watch him do the thing that he loves :).

Nana’s Birthday Party

On Sunday, we threw my Nana a surprise 75th birthday party! We had it at our house, but it was my whole family working together to pull off the party. Everyone pitched in with desserts and foods and decorations, and Nana’s church friends were in charge of taking her out to eat after church on Sunday and getting her to our house without her knowing. 🙂 (They did a great job!!) The party was a wonderful success, even if it was 45 degrees outside, which meant we had almost 50 people in our tiny house! 🙂 And my Nana deserves it- she is the best Nana in the world. Happy Birthday, Nana! 

Here is a photo barrage of the day: 

Spring Break

Well, spring break has come and gone, and tomorrow is back to reality. 

We had a low-key spring break…I didn’t even really take any pictures. I did a LOT of spring cleaning type chores, because today my family threw a surprise 75th birthday party for my Nana, and we hosted at our house! (Party pics to come later…probably tomorrow.) So a lot of my cleaning and yard work was getting ready for that. But I also did some other major things, like clean out the storage side of our barn, which required 3 truckloads of trips- a trip to the dump, a trip to the recycling center, and a trip to H’ville to drop off stuff for the Young Life yard sale. We still had a ton of trash/stuff/boxes in the barn left from our remodeling, so it was long overdue. Then I swept/dusted the barn, knocked down all the wasp nests, and hung fake “hornet” nests as a last-ditch effort to try to keep the wasps away (we’ve tried EVERYTHING).

 I also did the bi-yearly clean out of the kids’ clothes, which requires them to try on a LOT of stuff. But that chore is done, and I’ve given away all the things they don’t fit them to various people. 🙂 

The kiddos loved their spring break. They got to just a whole lot of playing. We went to the zoo one day. One day Josie went to a friend’s house. They spent the night with Grammy and Pappy. 

Like I said, low-key and chore filled, but good. 🙂

Easter festivities

Our Easter was a fun, family-filled weekend. 

Saturday Jake’s family came over for our annual grill out and epic Easter egg hunt for the kids. We hid 172 eggs, and it took 4 kids 45 minutes to find them all….and 2 are still missing. We HIDE those eggs, not just scatter them, and the kids have a BLAST. I think Andrew had more fun hiding with us this year than he ever did hunting! 🙂 

Our kids know the Easter bunny is not real, but that does not take away the thrill of getting an Easter basket. 🙂 We keep it simple. Josie got a light up jump rope, a sparkly pencil pouch, Jack got a football and some Pokemon cards, and they both got a chocolate bunny, Scooby snacks, and Skittles. Plus yummy special Pop tarts for Easter breakfast. 🙂

Easter morning was rainy and chilly, so we took our family Easter picture inside. Jack is at an impossible age to get a good picture… he has a million goofy faces, and they ALL come out when we get the camera out…..but his personality sure does shine! 

Then we headed off to church. We had two services, and both were really full! We stayed for both services, because I was singing and Jake was running sound. Shshr came to the second service with us. I love our church so much, and I love the way we celebrate Easter- Seder dinner, Good Friday service (which was SO good this year), and then Easter Sunday, of course. We sang a new song for Good Friday and Easter this year, and I love the truth that it tells:


After church we headed to Nana’s for lunch and hanging out. Everyone got to come except for my brother and his family (they were out of town). Missed seeing them and my nieces, but we still had a good day. The rain stopped and then held off long enough to get some pictures, and then have another egg hunt. The egg hunt is a little different here, since we have little kiddos to accommodate for, but the kids still have fun! 

This is the best we got….

Easter baskets ready. Simple treats all around-for Jo-a light up jump rope, a sparkly pencil pouch, spray chalk, a chocolate bunny, some Skittles and Scooby snacks (my kids LOVE those for some reason). For Jack-a football, spray chalk, Pokémon cards, and the same sweet treats as Jo. And special Pop-tarts for both, the kinds I won’t normally buy, because Easter tradition at our house means we need a quick “special” breakfast! 🙂 As simple as these baskets are, I know my kiddos will be THRILLED, because they love surprises of any kind! 🙂