Spring Break

Well, spring break has come and gone, and tomorrow is back to reality. 

We had a low-key spring break…I didn’t even really take any pictures. I did a LOT of spring cleaning type chores, because today my family threw a surprise 75th birthday party for my Nana, and we hosted at our house! (Party pics to come later…probably tomorrow.) So a lot of my cleaning and yard work was getting ready for that. But I also did some other major things, like clean out the storage side of our barn, which required 3 truckloads of trips- a trip to the dump, a trip to the recycling center, and a trip to H’ville to drop off stuff for the Young Life yard sale. We still had a ton of trash/stuff/boxes in the barn left from our remodeling, so it was long overdue. Then I swept/dusted the barn, knocked down all the wasp nests, and hung fake “hornet” nests as a last-ditch effort to try to keep the wasps away (we’ve tried EVERYTHING).

 I also did the bi-yearly clean out of the kids’ clothes, which requires them to try on a LOT of stuff. But that chore is done, and I’ve given away all the things they don’t fit them to various people. 🙂 

The kiddos loved their spring break. They got to just a whole lot of playing. We went to the zoo one day. One day Josie went to a friend’s house. They spent the night with Grammy and Pappy. 

Like I said, low-key and chore filled, but good. 🙂

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