This was such a big weekend for the Jo girl! She got picked to be on a recording of a kids’ musical CD for churches. (Think, like the CD your kids get to help them learn all the VBS songs). This Saturday she had her recording session with several other kids at Warner Bros Studio in Nashville. She was OVER THE MOON excited, and I am told she did an awesome job :). Thank you, Mrs. Sarah, for giving our girl such and awesome opportunity. 🙂

Greek and Roman Day

Today is the day Josie has been highly anticipating ALL year, looking forward to more than Christmas- her dress up day at school. 

In fourth grade, JECA students learn about ancient Greek and and Roman history, and so that is what they dress up as for their history day. My class had a blast today, and their costumes were so elaborate! I wish I could share a picture of all of them. 🙂 I can, though, share some pictures of our beautiful Medusa. 🙂 

She was SO excited about this hair do. 

This girl felt so prissy and sassy all day long, and didn’t want to take her costume off when it was time for ballet class this afternoon! 

This was the set up for our “feast.” They got to eat reclining, just like the Romans, and they were SOO excited! It was a good day in the fourth grade at JECA. 🙂

Jack’s Dress up day

Jack has been SO excited about his class dress up day. They have been studying the Pilgrims in history this year, so they got to dress up as Pilgrims or Indians. Jack wanted to be an Indian, of course, so he could wear “war paint.” And I am biased, but I think he made a pretty cute little Indian. 🙂

His teacher did a wonderful job making it such a fun day for them all! Love our school so much. 🙂