Mammoth Cave

Today we were all off school/work for President’s Day, and the weather was BEAUTIFUL (70 degrees in February? I’ll take it!), so we decided to take a day road trip to Mammoth Cave. 

We are SO glad we did! We did one of the cave tours (the Domes and Dripstones one), and we all had a GREAT time. The kids thought it was one of the coolest things they had ever done, and Jake and I found it fascinating as well. We would all like to go back and do another tour on another day. 


After we got done with our tour, we ate a picnic lunch, and then hit the trails around the park, and hiked several miles. The trails were really well maintained, and it was SO good to be outside. I’ve needed an outside day. Today will help me not lose my mind when this warm snap is over. 🙂

What a great day with my family! 🙂

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