February Randomness

We’ve had a lot of fun times this month, but I haven’t been great about posting. So here’s a bit of random catch up. 

One night we ate dinner at Nana’s, and the kids had fun hanging out with their little cousins. 🙂

On one of our random days at home, Jack decided he needed to paint our apple trees: 

Our church has started printing these sermon notes for kids, and I love them! Here is one of Jack’s: 

And Josie’s: 

Jack was so proud to take cupcakes to share with his class on the day after his birthday: 

Josie was so proud of her Valentine’s box this year; she made a jukebox! 

Ta and Tommy gave Jack a cool foam building kit for his birthday, and he loved it! 

He immediately came home and built this tank: 

It’s been a fun month so far! 

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