Jack’s Birthday weekend

Jack had a great birthday weekend. He declared this weekend his “best birthday ever!” So I would say that was a success. 

Saturday he had a couple of his buddies over for a playdate, complete with cupcakes. A couple of more of his buddies were supposed to come, too, but they were sick. 🙁 He had a BLAST with the ones that did get to come, though. They played board games, had Nerf gun wars, played with stuffed animals, and played with some light up cars when the electricity went out for a little bit (that didn’t faze them ONE bit). There was a LOT of first grade humor and little boy giggles. They were all smiles the whole time. 🙂 And get ready for lots of goofy pictures, because, you know…first grade boys. 

Playing Hotels, Jack’s favorite board game

Birthday banner is up for the week! And it has SUCH a better place to hang with our new dining room. 🙂 

Jack requested Pokemon ball cupcakes….I am NOT  a cake decorator, but he was thrilled, so that’s all that matters! 

Jack’s lunch request: corn dog, chips, and root beer. 

First grade boys….

Jack dancing while we sang to him. 

This morning we did our traditional birthday-kid-gets-to-pick-breakfast, complete with a candle, of course. Jack chose donuts, as always. 🙂

After church we did Jack’s birthday date. We don’t give our kiddos presents for birthdays, we just take them somewhere special. Jack has been dying to go back to Climb Nashville, so that’s what we decided to do. First we stopped for lunch at the Cookout, because Jack wanted corn dogs for lunch (again). 

This guy is a climbing MACHINE. He has no fear, and it just comes natural to him. He also has boundless energy….

After we got done climbing, we took the kiddos over to the Soda Parlor for some ice cream floats and to play the free arcade games (which Jack thought was SO COOL, of course). 

It was a great way to celebrate our sweet 7 year old. Happy Birthday, Jack! 

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