Conversations with Jack

While watching the Olympics closing ceremonies tonight……

Jack-Mommy, if I do do the Olympics, will you come and watch me?

Me-absolutely, buddy.

Jack-Daddy, can I do ALL the snowboarding events?

Jack- Can you wear face paint if you’re in the Olympics?

Mammoth Cave

Today we were all off school/work for President’s Day, and the weather was BEAUTIFUL (70 degrees in February? I’ll take it!), so we decided to take a day road trip to Mammoth Cave. 

We are SO glad we did! We did one of the cave tours (the Domes and Dripstones one), and we all had a GREAT time. The kids thought it was one of the coolest things they had ever done, and Jake and I found it fascinating as well. We would all like to go back and do another tour on another day. 


After we got done with our tour, we ate a picnic lunch, and then hit the trails around the park, and hiked several miles. The trails were really well maintained, and it was SO good to be outside. I’ve needed an outside day. Today will help me not lose my mind when this warm snap is over. 🙂

What a great day with my family! 🙂

February Randomness

We’ve had a lot of fun times this month, but I haven’t been great about posting. So here’s a bit of random catch up. 

One night we ate dinner at Nana’s, and the kids had fun hanging out with their little cousins. 🙂

On one of our random days at home, Jack decided he needed to paint our apple trees: 

Our church has started printing these sermon notes for kids, and I love them! Here is one of Jack’s: 

And Josie’s: 

Jack was so proud to take cupcakes to share with his class on the day after his birthday: 

Josie was so proud of her Valentine’s box this year; she made a jukebox! 

Ta and Tommy gave Jack a cool foam building kit for his birthday, and he loved it! 

He immediately came home and built this tank: 

It’s been a fun month so far! 

Jack’s Birthday weekend

Jack had a great birthday weekend. He declared this weekend his “best birthday ever!” So I would say that was a success. 

Saturday he had a couple of his buddies over for a playdate, complete with cupcakes. A couple of more of his buddies were supposed to come, too, but they were sick. 🙁 He had a BLAST with the ones that did get to come, though. They played board games, had Nerf gun wars, played with stuffed animals, and played with some light up cars when the electricity went out for a little bit (that didn’t faze them ONE bit). There was a LOT of first grade humor and little boy giggles. They were all smiles the whole time. 🙂 And get ready for lots of goofy pictures, because, you know…first grade boys. 

Playing Hotels, Jack’s favorite board game

Birthday banner is up for the week! And it has SUCH a better place to hang with our new dining room. 🙂 

Jack requested Pokemon ball cupcakes….I am NOT  a cake decorator, but he was thrilled, so that’s all that matters! 

Jack’s lunch request: corn dog, chips, and root beer. 

First grade boys….

Jack dancing while we sang to him. 

This morning we did our traditional birthday-kid-gets-to-pick-breakfast, complete with a candle, of course. Jack chose donuts, as always. 🙂

After church we did Jack’s birthday date. We don’t give our kiddos presents for birthdays, we just take them somewhere special. Jack has been dying to go back to Climb Nashville, so that’s what we decided to do. First we stopped for lunch at the Cookout, because Jack wanted corn dogs for lunch (again). 

This guy is a climbing MACHINE. He has no fear, and it just comes natural to him. He also has boundless energy….

After we got done climbing, we took the kiddos over to the Soda Parlor for some ice cream floats and to play the free arcade games (which Jack thought was SO COOL, of course). 

It was a great way to celebrate our sweet 7 year old. Happy Birthday, Jack! 

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Dear Jack,

It is hard to believe that you are SEVEN years old today! It seems like just yesterday that you were following Josie around the house as fast as you could with your one-legged pirate crawl, and calling her Jo-Jo. Today, you and Josie are still the best of friends, but now you are less likely to be following her as you are to be curled up on the couch with her playing a game on the Switch, or outside riding bikes together, or creating a Lego world or “habitats” for your stuffed animals upstairs.
This was an exciting year! We did some big-time renovations on our house, which meant we lived with Mee-Maw for a couple of months this summer. We also went on an amazing 19 day road trip this summer. You got to see some awesome things- mountains, glaciers, Mt. Rushmore, the BadLands, Grand Teton, Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, and Old Faithful. When we left for our trip, you were the most excited about Mt. Rushmore. You did think that was pretty cool, but after it was all said and done, your most favorite parts of the trip were the two Great Wolf Lodges we stayed in. 🙂 On fall break, we went to Roane Mountain, and you hiked 10 miles of the Appalachian Trail! This was definitely the year for exploring.
You had a lot of firsts this year, too. You were so excited to finally lose your first and second tooth! You started taking mandolin lessons at school-you really like it.  You learned to officially swim all by yourself. You went rock climbing at Climb Nashville, and ROCKED it. You started asking questions about baptism. You conquered your “r” sound in speech class. You have LOVED being in first grade with Mrs. Morrow. You have finally started putting forth effort with your handwriting.
You are fun little boy, and FULL of energy. You are happier when you are moving than any other time. You still love playing soccer. You had a blast running cross country again this year. You were not the fastest, but you weren’t the slowest, either-and you never walk! You have rode approx. 1 million miles on your bike. You love to go on hikes. You love, love to play hide-and-seek and have Nerf wars with your daddy. When we go to the lake, you are constantly swimming, or kayaking, or jumping off the back of the boat. The only time you aren’t in motion is when you are sleeping or playing the Switch (another one of your favorite things). Some of your other favorite things include: Star Wars, Pokemon, cars, monster trucks, Nerf guns, stuffed animals, maps (like your daddy), and BOARD GAMES. You would play a board game at anytime of the day or night, all the time.
You are still tiny. The shortest one in your class by far (and most of the kindergarteners are taller than you, too.) It doesn’t bother you, though. And you make up for your smallness by having such a big personality. You did finally make it into size 5 clothes this winter. You like to eat. Your favorites are Chinese food of any kind, corn dogs, Chick-Fil-A, and breakfast food (sausage and biscuits, cinnamon rolls, oatmeal, and muffins). You have a new-found love for root beer this year. It is one of your favorite special treats.
I can’t encapsulate your personality in a letter, but it is a great one. You have a big, tender heart. You can’t stand to see people mistreated, and you are quick to comfort your friends if they’re sad. You are sensitive-you still cry during almost all movies. You still sleep with a blanket and various stuffed animals (whichever one happens to be your favorite right then), and you still want me to “pat-pat” you at bedtime. You are sweet to your sister, and anyone else for that matter. You love jokes and riddles, and you love trying to tell them…although you haven’t quite mastered that art, yet. You LOVE to laugh. It doesn’t take much to make you giggle. You still say ridiculous things, like “snowmobeagle” for snowmobile. You love to tell big stories. You love to hear stories.
Little boy, we love you so much. Keep being sweet. Keep loving Jesus. 

Happy Birthday!