Nana and Ta and Tommy got the kiddos Climb Nashville passes for Christmas, so yesterday we took them for the day. We got there around 11:30 or so, left around 2:30 to get a late lunch, then came back and stayed until about 7-so these kiddos climbed for about 6 hours! They LOVED it. Josie was a little skittish at first, but conquered her fears and ended up doing really well and being quite proud of herself. Jack, of course, has no fear at all, and was climbing like a PRO before it was all said and done. He never got tired! I think he would have climbed for another three hours if we would have let him, and all he talked about today was how much he couldn’t wait to go back! It was a really great Christmas gift for them both. Both of our kiddos prefer “experience” gifts over toys, for sure. (And we do, too!)

Christmas 2017

Christmas has come and gone, and it was a good one! I have to think, also, as I watch all my nieces and nephews, that Christmas is a lot EASIER now that our kiddos are bigger….Jake and I were feeling very grateful that we are out of the baby/toddler stage of life! 🙂 We did our normal routine for Christmas this year- Christmas Eve morning at Mee-Maw’s, then off to Nana’s for the rest of the afternoon/evening. Christmas morning early at our house, then straight to Grammy and Pappy’s for breakfast with Pappy’s whole family, then afternoon Christmas with my family, then a stop back at Mee-Maw’s for soup dinner before finally heading back home at bedtime. 🙂 It is a whirlwind, but a good, happy whirlwind, full of family. We are very blessed with such wonderful families, and so many people that love us and our kiddos very well. 

Christmas Eve morning at Mee-Maw’s-we decided to all wear Pjs this year. 

Annual Christmas cousin picture! 

Jack was SO excited to find the maps in the back of his new Bible! 

We always start a big jigsaw puzzle after all the present opening is over. Fun tradition. 🙂

Christmas Eve dinner at Nana’s- she always fixes us all steaks! 🙂

All the girls! 

These two love each other. 

Jack was just a *little* wound up! 

Getting pictures of all these great grand babies is getting a little easier every time we do it! 

Grammy got all her grandkids matching Christmas pjs. 🙂

Justin gave Jack all his old Pokemon cards and a book to put them in! He was so thrilled! 

Josie was SO excited to get her own toolset from Shshr! 

After we got home from Nana’s and got the kiddos in bed, Jake and I got busy setting out their Christmas gifts from us: 

Josie got a bungee chair, a “mermaid” pillow, and a sheepskin rug (you gotta know Josie- she was OVER THE MOON about that rug!), and various stocking stuffers. 

Jack got a new bike ramp, a new two wheel scooter, knee/wrist/elbow pads, and various stocking stuffers. 🙂 

Christmas morning…..notice the sleepy eyes on two tired kiddos! We have to get going early on Christmas morning. 🙂

Jack was so excited for S’more PopTarts in his stocking! 

Singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus! 

At Grammy and Pappy’s, the men do the bulk of the cooking (the frying, at least)…and Mom does a ton, too. I’ve been making sausage gravy in my pressure cooker the past couple of years, just because it is SO yummy. 

Our Christmas with my family gets more chaotic every year! We are bursting at the seams in Mom and Dad’s living room. 🙂

Christmas evening at Mee-Maw’s….Jake and the kids had a MASSIVE Nerf gun fight with Jack’s new Nerf guns. We ate soup, and we helped put the finishing touches on the first jigsaw puzzle, and then started on a new one. 🙂 By the time we got home, we were all WIPED out, and slept late this morning! 

Merry Christmas, y’all!