Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a good Thanksgiving weekend- busy, but good. 

Wednesday Nana kept the kiddos so my friend Lindsey and I could have a girls’ day! It has been a looong time since I went shopping with a girlfriend just for fun, and it was a blast! We hit up Local Taco for lunch, and then she introduced me to the amazingness of this bargain store called “Dirt Cheap.” I haven’t shopped like that in ages- the digging through lots of junk, looking for the best bargain, trying not to touch the floor, kind of shopping. It was a BLAST. And, score!, I got several Christmas presents…and I wasn’t even Christmas shopping! 🙂 Plus, it was so awesome to get to hang out with my friend outside of work, just the two of us. 

Meanwhile at home, Jake was cooking our first ever turkey! We have never been in charge of the turkey before, but Jake wanted to try it out in the new electric smoker. And he did SO awesome- it was absolutely delicious! 

Wednesday the kiddos spent the night with Grammy and Pappy so Jake and I could have a date night. We went to Opry Mills- ate at Chuy’s (yum!), and then went jeans shopping for me. I was desperate to find some jeans that don’t fall down every time I move, and I was able to get two pair! Then we went to Dave and Buster’s to get dessert and kill time before we went to see a movie. 

It was a good night- long overdue. 

Thanksgiving we headed to Nana’s for the day. It was so good to get to hang out with everyone. Everybody got to be there, at least for a little bit, at some point during the day. 

Sweet Lane saying the prayer. 

Beau was EXCITED about his lunch!

Our traditional Thanksgiving walk to Shshr’s house….

This girl….

Crazy cousin pile ups are the best! 

This girl LOVES her Grammy better than anybody else! 

My sweet Nana (who takes a WAY better selfie than me-ha!)

The kiddos LOVE to play “doctor” with Jake. 

Friday we headed to Mama Judy’s for Thanksgiving with all the family there. It was beautiful day, so we headed outside for a bit to get some pictures of all the families and of the kiddos. I have some beautiful nieces and nephews! 

They are all getting SO big! 

The day wouldn’t be complete without Jake beating all the kids at a board game. 🙂

Saturday we had a few things to do during the day, and then that evening we got out the Christmas decorations and did a house cleaning/decorating bonanza. So glad to get it all done at once! 

These two were SO happy to get the nativity set out of Christmas storage to play! I’m so glad they still love to play, and they still love to play with each other- they really are each other’s best friend. 

They were also SO happy to see their penguin friends! 

Sunday after church we had a funeral visitation to go to, so we went out to eat…..and we might have introduced the kiddos to their first beignets. 🙂

Now only just a few weeks until Christmas- crazy! 

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