Catching up

I have been a very inconsistent blogger here lately. Life has just been full this fall. Not bad, but very full. So I thought I would do a little catching up blog post…and then maybe I will be more consistent. My cross country season ended, so I suddenly have two hours added back to all my days. Such a game changer! 

First up, I never shared my kiddos school pictures (and mine)! Here they are, looking entirely too old: 

Jack had his last cross country meet. He really enjoyed cross country this year, and worked so hard! He isn’t the fastest, but he isn’t the slowest, either. He is a very consistent runner. Now we just have to work on his pace. 🙂

I took this picture of the back of our house one night when I came home…it had been raining, and I just thought it looked so pretty all lit up. We really are loving our new addition. 

This weekend I tackled painting our dining room doors….which proved to be a MUCH bigger task than I anticipated. I thought that gray was already on them was a primer…I was WRONG, as I discovered when the second coat of paint I put on them started TAKING OFF the first coat……so a WHOLE lot of scraping of paint, and 6 total coats of paint later, they were finally white. 

Jack had a model of Jamestown to build for school. He worked hard on it this weekend, and got it all done, a week early! I thought he looked so cute sitting there in his robe, with his tape measure and pencil. 🙂

We had an Operation Christmas Child packing party at church this Sunday. I’m so glad our church does this- it is a great way for us to get the kiddos excited about helping someone else. They always love shopping for our boxes, and packing them up. They take their job very seriously! 

Had to snap a picture of these crazy girls at dinner tonight….cousins are the best kinds of friends. 🙂

In other news: my cross country team gifted me with an APPLE WATCH!  I was blown away by their kindness and generosity, and I would also like to report that I am loving it! I am using it daily, and for so many things. It is also letting me stay separate from my phone a bit, which I think is a good thing. Less temptation to get distracted by stupid stuff. I ran with it today, and it was SO much better than having to run with my phone. It is really going to be a game changer for XC practice. 

I can’t believe it is already November! This fall has flown by, and I know the holiday season will, too. Here’s to trying to do a better job keeping up with this blog! 🙂

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