Before/After- the Outside of the House

We we decided to do our small addition, we knew we would have do something about the siding of our house, because what was currently on it was so old it would be impossible to match. And, we always knew we wanted to change the siding anyways. It took us awhile and a lot of looking at Houzz, but we finally decided on red vertical siding, a charcoal gray roof (because our current roof was red- so we couldn’t keep it), and gray trim. I have always, always wanted a red house! I can’t believe I actually have one now! 

Here are the before pictures: 

The back of the house right as they started digging for the foundation of the new addition. 

The addition- our contractor did a great job making sure it matched up to the rest of the house, and making sure it didn’t LOOK like an addition-which we really appreciated. The addition is 10 x 20- only 200 square feet- but it is amazing how much that small addition has changed our whole house! 

Side view of our house, before. 

Another side view. One of the major things we had done that really improved the side of our house was having the electrical box moved to the back of the house, and the electrical lines buried. I always hated the way that big meter box looked right beside the door! I was forever trying to cover it up with random things. 🙂 Having it gone has really cleaned up the way the entrance to our house looks! 

Frontish view. 

And now… after! 

Behind the house- the new addition, with the patio poured, and grass finally growing back. 🙂

We LOVE this little nook that we now have. Jake is planning to build us a big picnic table, but for right now it is the perfect spot for the kids’ table. 

Side views of our house now. 

We had them remove the  little awning that used to be above our side door. It was in bad repair, and we plan to eventually wrap the front porch on around. 🙂

The red totally changed the whole look of the house- but we really love it. We really love everything about it! The vertical siding, the colors, the new porch post. 🙂 

And, just because I love a good side-by-side comparison: 

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