Before and After: The Fireplace

It’s been a LOOONG time since I’ve done a house update, but it isn’t because we haven’t been busy-the exact opposite! We have been so busy working on the house, that I have neglected the blogging of it. BUT we are so close to being done, and I finally have some areas completely done, so get ready for some before/afters! 🙂 

I’ve never loved our fireplace, ever since we moved in, because the tile was dated and totally not our style. I loved the antique mantle that came with the house, though, and the stove was a necessary item since we didn’t have central heat and air (But we do now! That was a big part of our renovation!) In fact, this will be our first winter with central heat. We will see how we like it. 🙂 

So, here is what we had before: 

Not bad, but not great either. 

Our contractor removed the tile, we took out the stove, and he knocked out the wall to expose the old fireplace. He also tore out the wall (and we got to see the original chimney!) to run new gas lines and some electrical. The whole wall got ship-lapped. Then he re-concreted the floor to give us a hearth that butted up to the new wood floor. 

Tile gone! Which meant the mantle could also be lower, hence the green paint showing (I can’t believe the whole living room used to be that color-talk about a cave!)

The old chimney- how cool is that??

New hearth and shiplap wall!

Next, it was up to Jake and I to finish it off. First Jake painted the hearth a nice gray color. Then, he cleaned the inside with a special cleaner to get rid of all the old ash/soot. 

Next, he spray painted the inside with heat-resistant black paint. While he did that, I polyurethaned the mantle to give it a fresh finish, and then painted the bricks white. 

The final painting step -whitewashing the shiplap. We chose to whitewash it instead of painting so that beautiful wood grain could show through. 🙂 After I whitewashed, Jake re-installed the mantle. 

And then I put my mirrors back on! We are loving how it turned out. 🙂 

Now the only thing left to do here is for the gas guys to come back and install the gas logs, which I am so excited about. My favorite part of winter is standing in front of the stove. 🙂

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