Long Weekending

We had a good long weekend. Friday night we went to hang out at Mom and Dad’s after school, which was great, because we haven’t gotten to see them in a while. The guys were supposed to be dove hunting, but it was a deluge of rain all day due to the hurricane, so that was a  wash. The kiddos ended up spending the night, as well as Kinley and Lane, so they had their first official cousins sleepover! 🙂 

Saturday Jake and I slept in, and then got hard to work on cleaning our fireplace, prepping it to be painted, and then finally painting it. Jake spray painted the inside with special heat resistant spray paint, and then I painted the outside, and white washed the ship lap. (Pics to come in another post!)

In the afternoon Jake went dove hunting at my parents’ while I finished up the painting projects. The kids were SO excited that they got to go hunting, too! 

Saturday evening I met them down there, and Jake and the kids and I ran to Hobby Lobby to pick up some new picture frames for Jake’s office, and then we went to a yummy Thai place to eat. Our kiddos LOVE any kind of Asian food, which is great for Jake and I! 

Sunday was a good, restful day. We went to church, ran a couple of errands, and then came home to take a quick nap. We went to Jake’s dad’s for his birthday dinner, and then we came home to have a Harry Potter movie night. Josie has been waiting very patiently to watch the movie (Goblet of Fire) ever since we finished the audio book. 🙂

Monday morning we had another lazy morning, and then Shshr came and got the kiddos to spend the day with she and Nana. Jake and I did our grocery shopping, and then came home to get to work on some more paint projects. Jake painted the porch floor, and I whitewashed all the rest of the shiplap in the kitchen and the bathroom hallway. (Pics to come in another post). It was a tiring job, and I stayed up way too late to finish it, but I LOVE how it turned out, and I am so excited to have that project off the list! 🙂

Now for a short week of school, and looking forward to another weekend of projects- we are so close to being done with most of our projects! 

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