Before/After- the Outside of the House

We we decided to do our small addition, we knew we would have do something about the siding of our house, because what was currently on it was so old it would be impossible to match. And, we always knew we wanted to change the siding anyways. It took us awhile and a lot of looking at Houzz, but we finally decided on red vertical siding, a charcoal gray roof (because our current roof was red- so we couldn’t keep it), and gray trim. I have always, always wanted a red house! I can’t believe I actually have one now! 

Here are the before pictures: 

The back of the house right as they started digging for the foundation of the new addition. 

The addition- our contractor did a great job making sure it matched up to the rest of the house, and making sure it didn’t LOOK like an addition-which we really appreciated. The addition is 10 x 20- only 200 square feet- but it is amazing how much that small addition has changed our whole house! 

Side view of our house, before. 

Another side view. One of the major things we had done that really improved the side of our house was having the electrical box moved to the back of the house, and the electrical lines buried. I always hated the way that big meter box looked right beside the door! I was forever trying to cover it up with random things. 🙂 Having it gone has really cleaned up the way the entrance to our house looks! 

Frontish view. 

And now… after! 

Behind the house- the new addition, with the patio poured, and grass finally growing back. 🙂

We LOVE this little nook that we now have. Jake is planning to build us a big picnic table, but for right now it is the perfect spot for the kids’ table. 

Side views of our house now. 

We had them remove the  little awning that used to be above our side door. It was in bad repair, and we plan to eventually wrap the front porch on around. 🙂

The red totally changed the whole look of the house- but we really love it. We really love everything about it! The vertical siding, the colors, the new porch post. 🙂 

And, just because I love a good side-by-side comparison: 

Before/After: Bathroom and Laundry Room

So it’s been a long time since a house update. It is *thisclose* to being completely done. The only thing I have left to paint is the foyer, and the new dining room doors. But the bathroom has been done for a long time! The laundry room got the final touches last weekend, so I thought it was time to post some before/after pictures. 

So, our house has only ever had one bathroom. And the laundry room was in there as well. It has worked fine for us, but as the kids are getting older, needing more privacy, needing to do more to get ready, it was getting a little hairy. So we decided with the renovations we were doing, it would be nice to do something about it. The main thing we thought first, was with the dining room addition, we would also create space for a separate laundry room. That in itself was a big deal, but it did nothing to solve the privacy issues. Jake came up with the perfect plan, though. We would put the toilet in a room by itself, with a sink, and then the shower with two more sinks (for getting ready), in another room, with a hallway in-between. We had never seen any other house with anything like it, but it sounded like a good plan….and we have been BLOWN away by what a game changer it has been for our family! It is the perfect solution for having a one bathroom house! 3 people can be brushing teeth at the same time or using a mirror/sink at the same time, and anybody can go to the bathroom while someone is in the shower. Jake did a great job with that plan! And our contractor did an excellent job executing the plan, as well. Now for the fun part- pictures! 

Here is the bathroom before:

Really old ceramic tub that had lots of mildew issues….

The door was to the left of the bathtub. 

Looking into the bathroom from the kitchen- the tub/toilet on the left, the sink on the right with the laundry closet behind it. 

Sink and laundry closet

Laundry closet

Sink….the one, really small, really old sink with cracks in it. 🙂 But hey-we made it work for a long time! 

Another view of the laundry closet- Jake had done an excellent job with my shelving in there! 

And here is the bathroom, AFTER….

This is looking at the new bathroom “hallway” from our kitchen. The toilet room is on the left, the shower room on the right. This also created a space for us to put an antique piece as our linen “closet.” 

A closer view of the hallway- each door way has a pocket door. 

From the door way of the shower room. There is a pedestal sink on each side of the door, with a built-in medicine cabinet above each. We got the medicine cabinets from Pottery Barn, and we are so glad we invested in them! They are a major space saver, and they hold SO MUCH STUFF. 

We also had our contractor put in a window up high, to let in natural light, but high so we don’t have to put curtains over it. 

And here is the toilet room- a vanity with storage for the typical bathroom stuff- cleaners, toilet paper, etc., and another medicine cabinet that actually stores our medicine. 🙂

The toilet is actually in the same place  it used to be, just turned a different way. 

And now for the laundry room! Remember, it used to be IN  our bathroom. I have ALWAYS wanted a separate laundry room, but I just assumed I would never have one if we stayed in our house….it may be my favorite part of all the renovations-I certainly spend a lot of time in there! 

The laundry room is actually now behind the shower room. Or, if you are in the kitchen, it is to the right of the bathroom hallway. 

Jake built me a beautiful new counter top. The antique piece in the corner was a piece of junk when we bought it, but Jake fixed it up and put in on casters, so it can be rolled away from the wall. It is covering the new electrical box. It is the perfect height to hold all my brooms, mops, vacuum, etc. 

I am in LOVE with this utility sink-I’ve never had one, and we have already used the FIRE out of that thing!! 

Just looking at this picture makes me so happy! 

A better picture of the sink.

We already had this old antique counter. It used to house the kids’ art supplies, and it lived in Jake’s office. But now the kids are old enough that the art supplies can live in Josie’s room (another perk of having older kids!), so this got repurposed as storage and counter space for the laundry room. 

Another view of the broom closet.

I LOVE this hanging rack Jake built. It makes folding laundry so easy! 

This is the access to our new central heat and air unit. Our contractor did a great job making it look nice. 🙂

So there you have it! We are SO pleased with how it all turned out, and are still blown away that we were able to make all these changes to our house to make it so much more usable. 

Josie’s 9 year old pictures…finally.

I finally got a chance this weekend to take pictures of my favorite subjects- my own sweet kiddos. 🙂 What with our crazy busy summer, I had just never gotten to take Jo’s 9 year old pictures. This week the grass in our yard was just PERFECT, calling for someone to take pictures in it. So here they are, a couple of months late. Aaannd…and few of her crazy brother, because when your six year old WANTS his picture taken? You do NOT hesitate!

I can’t get over how old they both look! 

This is probably my favorite one of the lot. 🙂

Before and After: The Fireplace

It’s been a LOOONG time since I’ve done a house update, but it isn’t because we haven’t been busy-the exact opposite! We have been so busy working on the house, that I have neglected the blogging of it. BUT we are so close to being done, and I finally have some areas completely done, so get ready for some before/afters! 🙂 

I’ve never loved our fireplace, ever since we moved in, because the tile was dated and totally not our style. I loved the antique mantle that came with the house, though, and the stove was a necessary item since we didn’t have central heat and air (But we do now! That was a big part of our renovation!) In fact, this will be our first winter with central heat. We will see how we like it. 🙂 

So, here is what we had before: 

Not bad, but not great either. 

Our contractor removed the tile, we took out the stove, and he knocked out the wall to expose the old fireplace. He also tore out the wall (and we got to see the original chimney!) to run new gas lines and some electrical. The whole wall got ship-lapped. Then he re-concreted the floor to give us a hearth that butted up to the new wood floor. 

Tile gone! Which meant the mantle could also be lower, hence the green paint showing (I can’t believe the whole living room used to be that color-talk about a cave!)

The old chimney- how cool is that??

New hearth and shiplap wall!

Next, it was up to Jake and I to finish it off. First Jake painted the hearth a nice gray color. Then, he cleaned the inside with a special cleaner to get rid of all the old ash/soot. 

Next, he spray painted the inside with heat-resistant black paint. While he did that, I polyurethaned the mantle to give it a fresh finish, and then painted the bricks white. 

The final painting step -whitewashing the shiplap. We chose to whitewash it instead of painting so that beautiful wood grain could show through. 🙂 After I whitewashed, Jake re-installed the mantle. 

And then I put my mirrors back on! We are loving how it turned out. 🙂 

Now the only thing left to do here is for the gas guys to come back and install the gas logs, which I am so excited about. My favorite part of winter is standing in front of the stove. 🙂