August Catch-Up

Well, this happens every year in August. I get super behind on blogging, and then just have to do a catch-up post. And this year is no exception. We haven’t had a lot of down time between school starting and us working every.spare.moment. to get this house put back together. We were able to move back in the day before school started, but ever since then we have been painting and working on house projects like crazy. Now, though, we have finally finished all the major projects, and are down to smaller, more manageable problems (like painting the fire place, the foyer, the stairwell, the outside furniture, and the porch floor). Not projects that take us every minute of the entire weekend (like painting the living room or our bedroom did). Our house is now totally livable again, since we were able to finish painting Jake’s office this past weekend, and FINALLY move all the furniture back into the house, for the first time since June.  I promise, as soon as we get all the finishing touches in place, I will be doing some major before/after blogging! 

So here’s a few things we’ve been up to this month….

Josie lost another tooth, one she has been wiggling for what seems like all summer…

These two are the sweetest….they got quiet one night while we were painting, and I went upstairs to find this. 🙂

Living room, before we moved all the furniture back in. (And when we were still sleeping in Jake’s office)

And a quick little sneak peek of the living room after we moved stuff back in 🙂

We celebrated Beth’s 17th birthday! 

Jack was SOOO excited to finally get to start mandolin lessons at school. He is SO proud his daddy is letting him use his mandolin. He learned to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in his first lesson. 

And Josie was absolutely OVER THE MOON to start ballet lessons. And I am thrilled that JECA has started their very own after-school ballet program, so no driving to lessons! 

She absolutely loved her first lesson, so much so that she came home and did nothing but ballet the rest of the night, including giving Jack his own lesson….

Our sweet friends from Missouri came to visit for the weekend. We were so glad to see them, and so excited to meet the newest addition to their family! 

My team’s first cross country meet was last night, which meant Jack had his first race of the season. He was 13th out of 23 Kindergarten-2nd grade boys, which isn’t too shabby for our short legged boy! 

Jack did a drawing at school of the hotel at Yellowstone beside Old Faithful. So glad he has good memories from our trip! 

And in true Brandy fashion, I fell at our cross country meet…..and now have a very swollen knee, and a very bruised foot. 😛 

In other August news, just for my memory’s sake-

-On Saturday, water started POURING out of our fireplace, right onto our new floors and new shiplap. Apparently in a freak-accident, and cap had popped off the old water line. It was fixed quickly, though, with minimal damage…..and we are SO grateful we were home when it happened! Made for an exciting moment, though. 

– And now, right when all the renovations are complete, our kitchen sink is clogged, and the whole line is going to have to be replaced. 😛 Part of house ownership, of course, but whew! At least we got a restaurant night out of the deal tonight, though- so grateful for Cracker Barrel gift cards! 🙂

Hopefully, it won’t be so long until I blog again….but I’m not making any promises! 

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