First Day!

Today was the day- the first day of school. The kids woke up excited for two reasons- 1. they were so thrilled to be in their own house; and 2. they were excited to go to school and see all their friends! 

Josie is in my class again this year, which she was actually excited about. Jack has a new-to-JECA teacher, but she just happens to go to our church, so he already knows her and was excited that she was going be his teacher! I wasn’t sure if he would be excited for school to start again this year, but he was, and he had a great day! 🙂 Josie is ALWAYS excited for school to start back-she was nearly giddy this morning. She is a child after my own heart, for sure. 🙂

They were SO excited to get to show off their pins that they collected at all the national parks we went to on our road trip! 

And just because I’m a sucker for a good comparison shot….

Can you BELIEVE how much he has changed?! He went from baby to grown overnight! 

The Josie girl hasn’t changed much (or grown much). She makes up for it in personality, though! 🙂

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