We are finally sleeping in our own beds tonight for the first time since the first of June. And it is a glorious thing. Our house is not completely finished yet, but it is finally livable again. I promise before/after pictures as soon as everything is finished.

Big things we need to finish:

-finish painting living room (it is halfway there) and move all the furniture back in
-paint stairwell
-paint bedroom and move all the furniture back in
-paint office and move all the furniture back in
-hang all the stuff back on the walls
-hang new fans (when they get here)
-paint outdoor furniture
-Jake has a few things to build-new (longer) kitchen table, new counter for the washer/dryer, new bed for us
-our contractor has to remodel our living room fireplace
-electricians are going to install a few new plugs

Finally starting to see some light at the end of this very long tunnel! 🙂

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