Dale Hollow Trip 2017

Last night we got back from our annual family camping trip to Dale Hollow Lake, aka our home away from home. In some ways, it was the first time we felt like we’d been home all summer! It was the first time all summer we’d slept in “our” beds, because our camper is kind of like our second home. 🙂 It was a good trip. We actually somewhat debated about taking it, because we knew we’d be able to make a big dent in getting the house ready to move back into if we stayed home…..but we couldn’t miss our yearly trip. We needed it. And it was a good decision. It gave us all time to rest, relax, and recuperate from our busy-ness this summer, and gear up for what is going to be a busier-than-usual start to the school year, what with trying to get our house ready to move back into. 

It was great to be up there with all our family. The only people missing were Casey and her family, and Justin. Hopefully they’ll get to make it next year. 

We had beautiful weather. The only day it really rained was our coming home day. It was HOT, so it was good to be in the water. We did our normal things. Hanging out at the campground, bike riding, ice cream at the dock, boat riding, hanging out on the island, etc. One day we had some friends come to visit, which was great! We were so glad they took us up on our offer :). Another day mom and dad watched the kids so Jake and I could go antiquing. We celebrated Alec’s birthday with pizza at the dock. Another night we all ate pizza on the island and stayed until dark, and then the kiddos spent the night with Grammy and Pappy on their boat! One morning Jake and I took at 2 ½ hour kayak expedition to LilyDale and back to Willow Grove. It was maybe the longest we’d paddled straight, and it was a good trip. We still have a goal to kayak from Sunset to the Dam one day. Josie perfected diving this trip! This is big news, because I didn’t think she would ever get up enough courage to dive. She has conquered a lot of fears this summer! Jack got up water skiing behind our boat, with Pappy helping him in the water. I didn’t get great pictures, but I got a good video. 🙂

I kind of pictured myself out on the road trip, so I didn’t even get my big camera out this trip, and I really didn’t take many pictures at all compared to what I usually do. But here is a picture barrage, straight from my phone and unedited. 🙂

The kids were so excited their friends got to visit! 

Sweet Everett loves his ice-cream! 

Somebody gifted the kids these Kids National Geographic magazines, and they ATE them up.  Josie read every word of every one. 

Grammy and Pappy

Jack caught several fish just using his net! 

He also did pretty good with dough balls. 🙂

Sweet Sadie Lynn

And now for Jack learning to ski…..

Doesn’t Josie look SO OLD in this picture? And also, note Jack is driving his remote control boat. Casey got him this last year, and it has been a HUGE hit. He drove it almost every day on this trip. 

Happy Birthday Alec! 

One day we all drove to East Port to eat lunch. All of our crew was in Chad’s boat, and all of Andy’s crew was in his boat. 

Sweet Kinley

Nothing like staying on the water until dark. 

Annual Grammy and Pappy picture on the boat….we were missing Lane and Beau, though. 

Josie also took about a mile kayak trip with Jake, paddling from Coon Island all the way back to the campground.  She did a great job!

My goobers. 

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