Road Trip 2017 Day 19

This was HOME day! 

We were all getting anxious to get home, since we were so close, so we hit the road early this morning. We were on the road by 7:20. This morning we had our first rain of the whole entire trip. It had rained one night while we were sleeping earlier in the trip, but this morning was the first time it rained while we were driving or outside. 

We stopped for lunch in Sikeston, Missouri. Our sweet friends who moved to MO earlier this year only live an hour from there, so they were able to meet us for lunch! It was great to see them, and our kids were over the moon to get to see their friends whom they have missed. 🙂

Our kids had a blast trying to catch the rolls! (Lambert’s is “The Home of the Throwed Rolls” for anyone who hasn’t been there…and yes, they actually chuck rolls across the huge dining room. Jake and Ryan both got hit by a misthrown roll!)

It was a good lunch, and a great time with friends. So glad they could meet us! 

Today seemed like the longest day of driving. It was one of our longer days, but it just seemed longer because we were all anxious to see home. 🙂 We were so glad to see this sign: 

And for the record, the kids have not slept A WINK in the car, for  all the many hours we have been in the car……except for the last 30 minutes of our journey. We get to Coopertown, and Jack has fallen asleep: 

Bless him. 

Our total mileage when we pulled in our driveway: (5,154 miles)

MAN! What a journey. It was wonderful, and we are so thankful and blessed that we had the opportunity to take the trip, and have so much time together. We are nothing but grateful for the past three weeks. The most amazing trip any of has ever been on, for sure! 🙂 

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