Road Trip 2017, Day 15

Today was a long drive day- about 6 ½ hours to Cheyenne, Wyoming. We slept in a bit, and then got on the road by 9:00, and ate breakfast in the car. It was a pretty drive- we saw a few elk, a few antelope, a TON of pronghorn and trains, and very few houses. There are a few small towns in Wyoming, and a few big cities, but there are miles and miles that you drive without seeing anybody or anything. For parts of our drive the land was very deserty- mesas, plateaus, and very little vegetation. 

We stopped at a McDonald’s for lunch (one of the few restaurants we passed). We normally have been picnicking with food with brought or bought at a grocery store, to save money, but since we were not really doing anything but driving today, we thought it would be a good break, and used part of the day’s activity money on lunch (since there would be no activities we would need to pay for). (I will post more about our trip budget later)

We got to Cheyenne in the late afternoon and got checked into our hotel, and called Grammy and Pappy and Mee Maw to check in, since we were finally in a good service area after several days of not having good enough service to call. 

Then we headed out to eat. We found a good Japanese place to eat, since Jake and I were wanting some sushi. The kids ordered the kids’ hibachi dinners, and they were HUGE. I mean, seriously, adult sized portions. They were really good, though! 

We had passed a cool looking playground on the way to the restaurant, so we decided to check it out after dinner to let the kids run off some energy. They were WOUND up after being in the car all day. (But have I mentioned how good the kids have been doing in the car? I mean, serious rock stars.)

The playground ended up being so great- it was really, really nice. It made us wish we had one like it at home! And the kids ran their legs off. One things National Parks don’t have is playgrounds, so they were really itching for some time just to run around like crazy and climb and jump. We did a lot of hikes and walking while we were in the parks, but the kids didn’t have a lot of just free-play time. So tonight was good. 🙂

We stayed until sunset, and then headed back to the hotel to wind down. Our kids’ bedtimes are WAY out of wack. We will have to do some detoxing when we get home. 🙂 But that’s what vacations are for, right? 

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