Road Trip 2017, Day 14

This morning we woke up bright and early, because we had booked a breakfast cruise on a boat on Jackson Lake. It was about a 45 minute boat ride to Elk Island, and then a “camp” breakfast on the island, and then the boat ride back. It was really cool. The kids loved it, the views were gorgeous, and breakfast was delicious- pancakes, sausage, bacon, trout, fruit, potatoes, eggs, pastries, hot chocolate….and food ALWAYS tastes better when you are eating outside! 

Love this little dude and his hot chocolate…and check out our view for breakfast! 

The kids were FASCINATED by this elk carcass that was on the island…of course. 

After our cruise, we packed up and checked out of our cabin, and then went over to the visitor’s center for a ranger program so that the kids could complete their Junior Ranger booklets and get their third badge- they have really enjoyed doing the Junior Ranger programs- if you have kids and go to a National Park, be sure to check it out! 

After they were done, we started making the (short) drive down to Jackson Hole. On the way, we stopped for one more spectacular view of the Tetons and the Snake River. 

When we got to Jackson Hole, we found our motel (Jack was so excited we were staying in a motel instead of a hotel for some reason) and got checked in. Then we headed to Jackson Hole Resort to ride a tram to the top of the mountain. We didn’t tell the kids what we were doing until we got there, and of course they were so pumped when they found out. I wasn’t sure if they would like it or not, but they loved it! We rode the tram to the summit of Mt. Rendezvous. The view was amazing from the top, and the kids loved that there was still snow at the top! 

The kids were so excited to get to touch the very top!

This is how MOST of our pictures of Jack look….

After the tram, we rode a 4 person gondola up to another part of the mountain, which the kids also loved. 

Then Jack and rode a chair lift! He loved it, because he got a great view of all the mountain bike trails below, and got to watch the bikers. He is determined to go back some day and do those trails! 

The fun wasn’t over after this, though (we REALLY packed a lot into this day). Jake had read about a free bouldering wall at the base of Snow King Mountain in Jackson Hole, so we drove over there to check it out. The kids nearly lost their minds with excitement! They both have been wanting to rock climb, but we haven’t had an opportunity to take them yet…this sealed the deal, a day at Climb Nashville is in our future. They both loved, loved it, and did great! Josie especially surprised us with how well she climbed, and how fearless she was. She didn’t give up, either! 

After climbing, we went to dinner, and finally found some legit Mexican food again- we only went because Yelp showed pictures that they had chips and salsa. It didn’t disappoint! It was definitely still a different style Mexican than we have at home- more Tex Mex, but it satisfied this hungry crew. 🙂 When we had had our fill, we ran by the grocery store to get some breakfast items for the next morning since our motel didn’t have continental breakfast, and then we went back and settled in with showers and some HGTV (Josie LOVES HGTV, and has been thrilled to get to watch it in our hotel rooms, since we don’t have cable at home). 

It was a long, full day, but a great way to end our time in the mountains! Tomorrow we start our week-long trek back to Tennessee. 

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