Road Trip 2017 Day 13

Today we took advantage of not having to drive very far and slept in a little. Once we got up, though, we were ready in a jiffy. We have become PROS at packing up a room and our car in the mornings! Today was one of the few days we didn’t have breakfast provided, so we just ate a snacky breakfast in the car.

Before we left Yellowstone, we decided to see one more thing- the Grand Prismatic Spring. It is a really cool feature- probably one of our favorite thermal features in the park. Josie especially loved it- all the thermal features really captured her imagination.

After we left there, we headed to Grand Teton National Park, which is basically connected to Yellowstone. We ate lunch just inside Grand Teton at a picnic area right beside the lake.

This was our view for our picnic:

After lunch we headed to the gift shop and the visitor center, then checked into our cabin. It was such a nice cabin! We stayed in the Colter Bay Village, and really enjoyed the area. The cabin was one room, but it was a big room, with two double beds, a twin bed, a couch, a couple of armchairs, and a desk. It was walking distance to everything we wanted to get to, also- the restaurant, store, visitor center, shoreline, etc.

After we got all unloaded, we headed down to the lake to do a 2 mile hike around the lake, which had BEAUTIFUL mountain views.

There is just nothing that can beat a lakes or mountains….and when you put the two together? My happy place.

After our trail walk, the kids were really itching to swim, and it had actually warmed up quite a bit, so we let them put on their bathing suits and took them over to the swimming area. The water was FREEZING. I mean, snow was still on the mountains that connect to the lake…..but they of course couldn’t resist. 🙂 They weren’t the only ones swimming, either- the beach was full! They didn’t last very long, though, and then laid in the sun a long while to warm up. 🙂 But now they can officially say they have swam in a mountain lake!

After swimming, we went to dinner at one of the restaurants in the village, and it was absolutely delicious. They had a soup and salad bar that was just what I was craving. 🙂 After dinner we were going to take the kids to a ranger program (they wanted to get their junior park ranger badges here, too), but it ended up being packed, so we decided to go to one the next day. So instead, we walked over to the store and got some ice cream… because why not? 🙂 Then we headed back to our cabin to unwind.

Another good day. We really like Grand Teton. I liked it better than Yellowstone- it was definitely less touristy. We aren’t going to get to even see most of it, so it is definitely on the list of places we would like to come back and explore more thoroughly in the future!

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