Road Trip 2017, Day 11

This was Yellowstone day! Our hotel in Bozeman was only about an hour and half drive to Yellowstone, so we hit the road right after breakfast and made it before lunch time. 

First we went to the visitor’s center, and then went and walked the boardwalk path for the Mammoth Hot Springs. 

Josie wanted to carry an umbrella because of the sun…she thinks umbrellas are fancy. 🙂 She loved the hot springs! 

This is what Jack thought of the hot springs….he thought they were stinky (they smelled very strongly of sulfur). LOL, little stinker. 

After we left there, we headed towards Tower, and then we went to the canyon lands to see the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. 

The kids were SOO excited to finally see buffalo, and to see them so close to the car! 

At the Grand Canyon, we hiked down to the top of the Lower falls (a very challenging hike for our two munchkins, and they never complained once!)

It was worth the hike. Beautiful. 

Then we went on another (challenging) hike to an overlook to see the falls from a distance. Again, worth it, and again, our munchkins didn’t complain once. ALL of our calf muscles are going to be sore tomorrow! 

Just a view from our drive. 

On the way back towards the hotel, we saw this bear, right next to the road! The kids were so excited. 🙂 In total, we saw three bears today, all black bears. We also saw several elk. 

After all our hiking, we were all pretty beat, so we made the pretty long drive back to Gardiner where our hotel was for the night. We checked into the hotel, then went and got some pizza and walked around the little strip, checking out some tourist shops, and of course getting some ice-cream. We were right at the park entrance, just in time for sunset, so of course we had to take some pictures…and there were some more elk, right next to the road, just begging to get their picture taken, too. 🙂

Tomorrow we will see Old Faithful and some other geysers, and fit in as much of the rest of the park as we can…..we are not going to be able to see all of it in the short amount of time that we have, but we are at least trying to hit the highlights! 

Our overall impressions of Yellowstone today: 

-It has some very impressive sights to see, but in overall scenic beauty, it doesn’t hold a candle to Glacier (Glacier may have ruined us on everything- it is just that breathtaking). 

-It is very crowded. LOTS of people at Yellowstone. Lines for everywhere/everything. Parking is always a search. 

-Definitely a place to go if you want to see wildlife! Plus, this time of year there are a ton of gorgeous flowers blooming. 

-Expect lots of car-time if you go to Yellowstone. 

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