Road Trip 2017 Day 8

Today we took advantage of not having to get up early to get on the road and had our first sleeping late day. (This is the only time on our whole trip we are staying in the same room for two nights in a row.) We ate just a snacky breakfast in our hotel room (this is the first day we haven’t had continental breakfast, so we picked up breakfast stuff at the store in Great Falls).

Rising Sun Motor Lodge, where we stayed

And this was the view from our window! 

After breakfast, we got in the car and started up Going-to-the-Sun Road, the most famous road in Glacier. 

Jack kept looking for mountain goats 🙂

St. Mary Lake

You are supposed to be able to take this road all the way through Logan’s Pass to the other side of the pass, but right now it is still not cleared of snow. (Think, like 90 feet of snow). We were hopeful that we were going to be drive all the way through, but it is not going to be open for another week or so. However, we drove as far as we could go, to Syeth’s Bend (where they had a gate up), parked our car, and joined a lot of other people in a hike up the road as far as we were allowed to go. We hiked about a mile and half up-the kids were both great troopers!

It was the most gorgeous hike I have EVER been on. We were at first disappointed that we couldn’t drive through, but then we agreed that it was probably for the best, because we were able to see so much more of the views walking than we would have been able to if we were driving. I took a ton of pictures, but the picture really do not do it justice, at all. We saw all kinds of waterfalls from the melting snow (the kids were THRILLED to get to touch the snow in the middle of summer!), and even saw some big horn sheep on the way down!

Big horn sheep! 

Jackson Glacier

After our hike we ate a picnic lunch at a picnic area in the park, and then we drove down to Two Medicine, another part of Glacier. We rented a row boat and went rowing on the lake for some more gorgeous views. 🙂

We ate dinner at the Two Medicine general store. Jake and I had bison chili and elk sausage. It was delicious!

After dinner, we headed back to our hotel room to hang out until dark. We were determined to see the stars…but of course with it not getting to dark until after 10, we had to let the kids stay up late (which did make them sad at all). It ended up being too cloudy once it got dark to see the stars, but again, the kids were not sad at all that they got to stay up!

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