Road Trip 2017 Day 7

This morning we ate a delicious hotel breakfast at the Celtic Pub that was attached to the hotel-they had the BEST oatmeal I’ve ever put in my mouth.

Then we left and headed to our main destination-Glacier National Park! It was a beautiful drive to the park, because we were staring at the mountains for the whole drive.

We got to the Glacier visitor center about noon, looked around, and put on some layers, because it was COLD. The temperature was about 60, but the wind made it feel much cooler. 

After we finished there, we headed to Many Glacier, one of the park’s lodges. We looked around at the BEAUTIFUL views, and then ate our picnic lunch on the lodge’s deck, overlooking the  lake.

We spent our afternoon on a boat tour of Swift Current Lake and Lake Josephine, and a guided 2 mile hike to a waterfall. We officially hiked in the Rockies now! On our hike we saw a deer, and then when we were waiting for the boat to pick us back up, a marmot came so close we could’ve touched it, and then Josie spotted a bear across the lake! The bears were out in full force, because we saw 3 more on our boat ride back! They were so neat to see, but I’m glad they were not on the trail we were hiking!

I am obsessed with these beautiful mountain streams- the rock colors are amazing! 

Hidden Falls

Deer on the path


Jack REALLY wanted to touch the marmot. 

After we got off the boat tour, we went and ate dinner at Two Sisters Cafe, and little cafe some local people told us we had to try. It was absolutely delicious, and their chocolate pecan pie was some of the best pie I have ever eaten!

When we had eaten our fill, we went back into the park to check into our room at the Rising Sun Motor Lodge. It is one of the parks really old motels, but it was just updated last spring, and the room was so cute! It is small, but clean and nice. And you can’t beat the view out of our windows, any day. 

We settled in, and got the kids to sleep (even though the sun didn’t set until about 10:00!), and Jake and I played a new board game we got called “Rock Me Archimedes.” It is a really cool game.

What a GREAT day.  

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