Road Trip 2017 Day 10

Today was one of our longer driving days. We let the kids sleep kind of late, and then we went packed up, checked out, and went to a picnic area by the lake to eat our breakfast. We said goodbye to Glacier by throwing rock in Lake McDonald. 🙂

Then we hit the road to Bozeman, Montana, about 6 hours away. I don’t if we are just getting used to be in the car (the kids are being SO good in the car), or what, but we made great time, and didn’t stop once until we got to Helena to eat some lunch. We actually ate at a Subway for lunch today instead of picnicking, because we all just needed a little break from peanut butter and Nutella. The drive was beautiful, and reinforced even more just how empty Montana really is. Today we were mostly driving right near the mountains, so there were lots of pine trees, and a lot of mountain lakes and rivers. Helena, the capital, seemed so tiny, but really it was a decent sized city compared to all the other tiny towns we’ve driven through in Montana! 

We got to our hotel in Bozeman around 4:00 and checked in, and then went and did some shopping. We visited several sporting good stores, went to the grocery store, and went to Olive Garden to eat- we were all ready for dinner that wasn’t hamburgers or fried food! Then we headed back to the hotel to let the kids swim and to do some laundry. It was a really relaxing evening, and overall, another really good day. 

Tomorrow we head to Yellowstone! 

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