Day 6

This morning we left Billings and headed towards Great Falls. Overall, we were not very impressed with the city of Billings…we wondered if we were just missing something. Anyways, the road out of Billings was beautiful- we started getting our first glimpses of the Rocky Mountains! We also saw antelope in the fields, and drove through a windmill farm and a small mountain range (the Little Belt Mountains). The plateaus were also beautiful.

We got to Great Falls around lunchtime, too early to check into our hotel, so we went over to Giant Springs State Park. We saw the Great Falls (4 of them!), ate our picnic lunch, and then went on a hike around the park to see the springs- they were so beautiful, and so was the Missouri River. Jack was so excited they had buffalo teeth for sale at the visitor’s center. While we were planning this trip, he kept saying he wanted to buy a shark’s tooth necklace as a souvenir. We kept explaining to him that we weren’t going anywhere that would have shark’s teeth, but I think he kept holding out hope…but he thought the buffalo tooth was even cooler! 🙂 Stinker…

The kids were so excited about this statue of Seaman, (Lewis and Clark’s dog), because we have been reading a book about him. 🙂

After we left there, we went to check in at our hotel. It is a really cool historic hotel in downtown, and it is beautiful. 

Our suite was also really nice. We ended up just hanging out and vegging for awhile before going to dinner and doing some shopping. We would have shopped longer, but we discovered too late that all the sporting goods stores in Great Falls close at 7 on Saturday! Who would have ever thought that? It was good to hang out and just relax, though. 🙂
Tomorrow we are heading to GLACIER! We are so excited, since this is the whole point of our trip. 🙂 Internet is going to be very limited, though, so this will probably be my last update until we leave Glacier and head back into civilization. 🙂

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