Road Trip 2017 Day 5

Today we left Deadwood, SD pretty early to make the long drive to Billings, Montana. We made a detour on the way to see Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. Wyoming was beautiful. The landscape there seemed a little more familiar, because we started getting into more of the hill country. Definitely less trees than at home, though. It was CRAZY how much open land there was in Wyoming and Montana, though. We would drive for miles and miles before seeing a house, or sometimes even a car. It wasn’t farmland, either- mainly just cattle country. Or empty space. Beautiful empty space- when we would go over a rise, you could see forever. And the clouds DO look bigger here. Devil’s Tower was really cool. It was odd to see it just sticking up into the skyline. We hiked a little ways around the tower on a trail, and the kids of course had to get their pin for their backpacks at the gift shop. 🙂

We didn’t stick around at Devil’s Tower too long, because we were wanting to get to Billings by 4:00. A couple of months ago, when we realized we would be in Billings on Josie’s birthday, we started looking up good dessert places, and stumbled upon this shop called the Caramel Cookie Waffle Co. Josie has had her heart set on going there ever since, and when we looked it up, it closed at 5:00. We drove through the Custer National Forest (which was NOT much of a forest), and got to Billings with plenty of time to check into our hotel and make it to the restaurant.

It was just a little mom and pop style bakery, but Josie was thrilled. We let the kiddos pick a small dessert to eat there, and then we got a selection to carry back to the hotel for later.

Birthday girl always gets to pick dinner, so she decided she wanted Mexican. We looked on Yelp to find a good place, and picked one, even though reviews weren’t great on any of the Mexican places.

Let me just say…..Mexican food in Billings just isn’t the same as Tennessee. And nowhere west of the Mississippi serves chips and salsa. But she was happy, which is all that matters. 🙂

After eating, we headed back to the hotel so we could use the hotel pool. Luckily, we had it all to ourselves, so we got a nice long swim in.

Once everyone had their swimming fill, we headed back to the hotel room to shower and get on pjs and have a movie night for the birthday girl. The hotel had DVDS to borrow, and they just happened to have “Sing,” which is one that Josie has been wanting to see. We enjoyed our desserts we’d bought earlier with some popcorn and milk while we watched it.

It was another good day, and I hope it was a great one for our sweet birthday girl. 🙂

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