9 Years Old

Dear Josie, 

It is hard to believe you are NINE years old today. I blinked, and you are half grown! You getting older, though, is a fun transition, because we are seeing more and more of your personality emerge and develop. This has been a big year for you! 

You are starting to “outgrow” lots of your little girl things. We changed out your room this year at your request. Your favorite color is aqua, so we painted it that color, and got you a new comforter with gold polka dots. You love all things Native American, so we did “Native American” decorations, complete with a buffalo poster and arrows on your curtains. You decided you didn’t want your doll house anymore, so we put that in storage along with a lot of your other toys. Now you like to play with your Littlest Pet Shops and Legos. You also still love anything having to do with art, and of course stuffed animals. 

Your favorite foods are still spaghetti, chili, tacos, and hamburgers, but I’ve been proud that you’ve branched out and tried some new things this year, too. You discovered you love hard boiled and fried eggs. You will finally eat lunch meat, now, if it is on a Hawaiian roll. You also learned to cook grilled cheese all by yourself. You can also fix all of your own lunches for school by yourself, which is extremely helpful to me sometimes! 

Your school year was probably the most interesting one you’ve had yet, because you were in MY class this year! It actually went a lot better than any of us thought. This year you really improved your reading, but still struggled with math facts and especially spelling. BUT, you loved learning Latin for the first time, and did well. You also really loved Bible class with Mr. Brown and art with Mrs. Shumate. You were THRILLED that you were finally old enough to take after school art lessons with her, and you did really well in them. You made some beautiful chalk pastels, and you are the youngest kid she has ever let do print making. You continued taking guitar with Mrs. Janet, and learned a lot more! You’ve decided to take a break from guitar next year, though. You finally made some “best” friends this year in Eleonorah and Josie B. Mark is still one of your closest friends, as well. 

Some other exciting things that happened this year for you-

-You went squirrel hunting with Daddy on Fall Break and saw a bobcat!!

-You started doing devotionals with Daddy and I and began considering becoming a Christian. We finished the devotional book, and it is something you are still praying and thinking about. 

-You were an Indian girl for Halloween. 

-You were THRILLED to get to participate in your first dress up day at school- Egyptian Day! 

You have big plans for the future. You’ve considered being an architect/house designer when you grow up. You also want to build a Laura Ingalls home out of wood you cut yourself from your land, and you want to use it to run a bed and breakfast that is also a small animal farm/petting zoo. I LOVE your creativity and big imagination, and love for adventure. I hope you never lose that! 

People are always telling us how sweet you are…..and we believe them, because we know how sweet you are at home. You have a big heart for others, and big heart for animals, and a big, BIG heart for your brother. You two have a wonderful relationship. 

Little girl, I love you so much, and your Daddy and I are so very proud of the young lady you are becoming. 

I love you, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 


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