Road Trip 2017, Day 3

We woke up on Wednesday and packed up our stuff, and went to breakfast at the hotel. We had pre-paid for breakfast, and it ended up being a great deal! It helps to book ahead sometimes. After breakfast we checked out, and then let the kids play at the water park for a couple more hours before hitting the road. Overall, the waterpark hotel actually ended up being a pretty good deal! 

We drove through 3 states. We were in Kansas at the hotel, then we drove back into Missouri for a bit, and then went into Iowa. Drove through Iowa for a bit, and then drove into Omaha, Nebraska to eat a picnic lunch, mainly just to say we’ve been to Nebraska! Then we drove through Iowa some more before finally getting into South Dakota and our destination of Sioux Falls. Iowa has a LOT of farm land. 

It was a longer driving day, but it was neat to see the landscaping start changing! The land definitely got a lot flatter, and the trees started getting smaller and more “wispier.” We also saw lots of different plants we hadn’t seen before. The kids, so far, are doing wonderfully in the car- no complaints from them at all! 

The kids looking at a statue on the riverside in Omaha, Nebraska. We actually stumbled into a National Parks Headquarters visitor’s center without even meaning to, which was kind of neat. They had all kinds of information about Lewis and Clark, which I had been trying to teach the kiddos about, but they had a great kids’ book that we bought that explained it even better. 🙂

Iowa farmland

My honey, doing a great job being our chauffeur for this trip. 

In Sioux Falls, we went to Falls Park, which is the main attraction in the city. It was beautiful, and the kids had a great time running around on all the rocks (quartzite) around the falls and the river. 

After the park, we went to an Afghani restaurant that had been highly recommended by a friend. None of us had ever had that kind of food before, but it was absolutely delicious! The kids even loved it. 🙂

If you are ever in Sioux Falls, check this place out! 

After a late dinner, we checked into our hotel, which was really nice, and crashed for the night. 🙂 

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