Road Trip 2017, Day 2

We had another great day! We left St. Louis by 7:00 and hit the road to Kansas City. We drove for awhile, and stopped for breakfast at a Chic-Fil-A because the kiddos wanted chicken minis. 🙂 We made it to Kansas City by lunch time, and we stopped to picnic at the park surrounding the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. It was a beautiful park, and they had a lot of really cool statues for the kids to explore around, and even a glass labyrinth. 

Then we walked across the street to see one of the fountains (the Volker Fountain), because Kansas City is known as “The City of Fountains,” so we wanted to see at least one. 🙂 

After we ate lunch, we headed to our hotel. This is the one the kids had been looking forward to the most- The Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor waterpark hotel! 

Josie conquered a BIG fear by going down this slide! She has always been afraid of tunnel slides, but we were so proud of her being brave and trying it…because then of course she LOVED it, and went down every slide in the place, including the “Triple Twist” tube slide, multiple times! 

Jack only hesitated for about 4 seconds before he tried his first slide, and then he was hooked for good. 

We played and played in the waterpark for several hours- there was a water tower, hot tubs, regular slides, tube slides, a lazy river, and an indoor and outdoor pool. The kids thought they had died and gone to heaven! Josie is a strong swimmer this year, which we are so glad about. Jack can swim a bit, but he does better swimming underneath the water than on top. We are going to get in a lot of practice this trip at hotel pools, though! 

After we had our fill of the waterpark, we cleaned up and went out. We visited the Cabela’s that was right beside our hotel- the kids thought it was the coolest, because they had ALL kinds of mounted animals. 

Then we found a little Mexican restaurant to eat at- Don Antonio’s, that got great reviews on Yelp. When we got there, it was actually a Mexican grocery/restaurant, and I think we were the only people in the place that the owners didn’t know on a first name basis. But it was DELICIOUS. Different than the Mexican we get at home, though.  Jack had crashed on the way there, but I woke him up just to eat, because I knew he would be hungry after playing hard all day! 

After we finished eating, we drove back to the hotel, and all crashed pretty quickly. 

It was a great Day 2! 

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