Josie’s Birthday outing

Because of all the house craziness, I suggested to Josie about a month ago that instead of a party, she could invite two friends out, and I would take them to the mall for the day. She was THRILLED with that idea, and has been counting down the days every since. So, yesterday was finally the day. She invited two sweet friends from her class at school. These three have really developed a precious friendship this year, and I am grateful she has these girls in her life. 

They had a BLAST at the mall. I took them to Opry Mills. 

They started out, of course, by riding the carousel. 

We then proceeded to hit up every “kid” oriented shop the mall holds. I let them completely run the show, and I just went along with the ride. They all had their own money to spend, and it was so cute to listen them to discuss how expensive things were, and to finally decide to spend some of their money on something. They made some wise spending choices, for the most part. 🙂

We spent a long while in the Lego store….

And they just had to buy matching hats at the Children’s Place, of course! (And proceeded to wear them for the rest of the day, which caused a couple of people to mistake them for sisters…which thrilled them to no end, of course!)

We went to the Aquarium restaurant for lunch. They thought I had taken them to the fanciest restaurant ever-ha! 🙂 But they loved every minute of it. 

Josie has become a big shrimp fan this year. 

They chose dessert at the restaurant, and all got the “Make your own Sundae”. Josie was SO excited when hers came out, she actually did a little happy dance. 

It was a good, sweet day for my girl and her friends. She is already making big plans for next year! I can’t believe my baby girl will be NINE in just a few days! 

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