House Update

Well, this was a BIG week for our house stuff. This building on a small addition has really snowballed into almost a house RENOVATION. (Which, we kind of knew would happen). Anyways, on Saturday we got the good news that we were going to be able to get new flooring in the entire downstairs, not just the new part like we’d thought previously. This was GREAT news- I’ve wanted to replace the carpet with wood since we moved in! The flip side, was, that we had to move ALL the furniture out of the downstairs of the house. They also were working on drywall that day, which meant we couldn’t use the shower.

SO…we moved in with Mama Judy, starting Saturday night. We just brought some stuff over here, and worked slowly all week long, moving small stuff like decorations, clothes, dishes, etc. upstairs to the kids’ rooms, and moving all of our furniture to storage. It is so weird seeing our house all empty! And the kids rooms are slightly hilarious with so much stuff shoved into them. I think I made about 427 million trips up our stair case this week. And I have determined that I *might* have a glass jar fetish.

In other news, the drywall is all finished, and our contractor tore out the drywall on the walls that are getting shiplap. He also made some MAJOR changes in the kitchen- tore out the ceiling (it is now going to be bead board tongue and groove), tore out the pantry (yay! my kitchen looks so much bigger now, and we already have a lovely antique cabinet to go in its place), and tore out the top cabinets that separated our kitchen/dining room area. He also went ahead and tore up the floor in kitchen, where we discovered some lovely beige and country blue linoleum underneath. Can’t wait for wood!

The siding guys also made big progress. They just have some trim and the very front of the house to do. They almost finished the porch, the dormer is now red, and Josh changed out the post on the porch- which made a huge difference!

The kids rooms….before I finished bringing stuff up! You never think you have too much stuff….until you carry it up stairs. I may be getting rid of some stuff when it comes time to put all this stuff back!

Drywall complete!

The kitchen with the floor torn up.

Goodbye, pantry!

Goodbye, ceiling! (and back wall-that is where the shiplap is going in)

Some of our sweet friends came and helped us move some of our furniture, and they brought their cute kiddos, which our kids were thrilled about, of course.

Porch siding is done, and I am in love with the new post- it is going to look so pretty all stained!

Wood for the shiplap and the ceiling, getting “acclimated.”

Empty rooms….which feels really weird.

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