What I’ve Been Reading…

I have not done one of these posts in FOREVER, so this might not be a complete list, but here are some books I’ve read since Christmas: 

Read this as a part of a study for school. It was interesting.

Read this one for school, too. It has some really interesting thoughts. I thought the first 3 chapters were super helpful. After that, not so much. 

Jake and I read this with our community group. Although I didn’t agree with everything he had to say, it definitely made me think. 

This was an interesting read, and I really liked it! 

This was a book one of my students gave me. The author is actually one of their family friends. It was great! 

I spent this winter/spring re-reading through all of my favorite Dee Henderson novels. She is hands-down one of my favorite authors. I really enjoyed her O’Malley series the first time around, and the second time they were just as good. I love it when it has been long enough that I can re-read favorite books! 

I plan to get a lot of reading in this summer, too. 🙂

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