Kickin’ off Summer

Our first week off school was, well, interesting to say the least. I came home Tuesday, our last day of school, sick. I was the sickest I have been in a long, long time. High fever, body aches, stomach troubles, etc. And it lasted for awhile. I had to miss our Farewell Assembly on Wednesday. Mom and Dad came and got the kids and took them, so they wouldn’t miss it as well. We were supposed to leave for camping on Friday, but I was still sick. We weren’t even sure if we were going to go at all, but I finally woke up on Saturday feeling slightly better, so we decided to leave after lunch. I finally felt back to myself by Monday. Our original plan was to stay for the weekend, and all go home on Monday. But then we found out that our bathroom was going to be worked on all week, and the kids and I were going to have to vacate our house every day all day. So Jake decided it would be best for the kids and I to stay at the campground in our camper (Grammy and Pappy and Ta and Tommy were still there) for the week, while he went back home to work and help supervise all the work. We all missed our daddy/husband so much all week, but we so appreciate how well he takes care of us. He’s the best! He came back last night, and we got to spend a little bit of time together today before we headed back home. 

It was a really relaxing week for the kids and I, and the kids really enjoyed having Grammy and Pappy all to themselves. 🙂 We went to the lake and the river so Pappy could fish, and the kids got to play in their kayaks and swim in the freezing cold lake, while Grammy and I got a lot of reading time in on the boat. 

We celebrated Katie Ann’s 10th birthday! 

Everett ate a giant marshmallow.

We got out the kids’ slack line, and it was a HUGE hit with everyone- Beth especially loved it. 

These kiddos love each other so much- cousins are the best kind of friends. 

Everett’s first official visit to the hatchery. 🙂

The LOVE to watch Pappy clean fish. 

Josie caught a fish! Jack fished a TON, and had a lot on his pole, but never got one quite to the boat. 

I even got some kayaking in. 🙂

The river gets COLD. 

These kiddos found a log to play on, and probably played for a whole hour in the freezing cold water. 

We celebrated Ta’s birthday, too! Josie made her a cake. 🙂

Mama! Take my picture on this log. 

Today before we went home we went on the “cave trail” that the kids love. They had a blast….but we all got into a nest of ticks, and pulled a bunch of crawling ticks off our legs. Bleh. 

It was definitely a different kind of week for us, but a good one nonetheless. Here’s to it being officially summer! 

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