House Update

Well, it has been awhile since I posted a house update! Nothing at all really happened for a couple of weeks, except for the fact we found TERMITES, and had to get the house treated for those. But this week, things have been rolling again. 

So here’s what happened a few weeks ago: 

Washer and dryer got moved to their new, proper spot. 

Concret got poured for the patio! 

Bathroom window got taken out, and our house looked like a creepy haunted house for a few weeks. 

The NEW, smaller bathroom window got installed! Love this so much better, because I won’t have to keep it covered all the time! The other bathroom window was pointless, because it was so big and low to the ground, that people could see straight into the bathroom from outside, so we had to keep the blinds/curtain closed at all times. This one won’t have to be covered, so it will let in so much more light! 

This is where the washer and dryer used to be. 

We took off the old covering that used to be over door, in prep for the new siding. Also, the electrical box got completely moved over to the new one. 

Just a glimpse of (one) layer of the really old wood siding. We have found at least 3 layers of siding under the current siding! 

Now, here’s what happened end of last week/this week: 

Siding started going on! 

We are absolutely in love with the color AND the vertical board/batten style! 

Then yesterday, this happened: 

They took out the old, nasty bathtub/tile, and the old, rotten floor underneath it, and also took out the toilet. 

New frame for the new wall was built. 

New, sturdy, non-rotten floor! (check out the cool wall that was behind the tub!)

And, plumbers came and got water installed to the new tub! Now we can shower in our new tub…..but we no longer have a toilet, lol. So we spent last night at Mama Judy’s. 🙂 

It’s getting REAL real. 

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