Egyptian Day

The day finally came! The day Josie has been anticipating (quite literally) for years- Egyptian Day at school! All of the grammar school grades at JECA have history dress up days, where they get to dress like the people they have been studying in history all year. My third and fourth graders have studied Ancient Egypt and the Old Testament all year. So they could dress like an Egyptian or an Old Testament Bible character. Josie wanted to be a servant girl. Here is my sweet girl: 

She was SO  excited to get dressed this morning. They had a fun day, with special activities for each subject (Their Bible teacher taught them Hebrew!), and a traditional Passover Seder for lunch, which our pastor came and led. 

I dressed up, too, since I am the teacher…the kids kind of expect it. 🙂 I just pulled some stuff out of my closet and made it work. 😛

Fun day! 

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