Kickin’ off camping season

We kicked off our camping season this weekend with our annual quick weekend trip to Defeated Creek. It rained…..the whole entire time we were there…I mean, like really. I think it was not raining for a total of 3 hours that we were there. And even in those hours it was hit or miss. We had fun anyways. We made the most of the little bit of time it was only raining lightly to take walking/bike trips around the campground, and we let the kids get dirty in the sand before it started just pouring on Saturday. We spent lots of time watching movies, playing games, reading, and just hanging out. It was relaxing. We got the camper ready for the rest of our trips, and made lists of the things we are low on in the camper. We finally hung all the canvases/artwork we’d gotten this winter to go in the camper to make it feel more like home. It was a good trip, even with all the rain. I took a total of 7 pictures (Because what are you going to take pictures of on a rainy camping trip?), so here they ALL are: 

Now, I am home nursing a sick Jake and a sick Jack, who both woke up with a stomach bug this morning. 🙁

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