House update

Last week was a BIG week in terms of our house renovations. I just haven’t had time to blog about it! Last week the walls went down in the kitchen and the bathroom, so the new part is officially part of the old (even though it isn’t done yet). Here’s some before and after pics for comparison. 

Dining room before: 


And after! It is going to make such a HUGE difference. It already does just in terms of how much light the new windows and doors let in. 

This is looking at it from the living room: 

And this is looking in from the new addition: 

Now for the bathroom. 

Before (the sink/laundry room part of the bathroom): 

And after: 

And here’s a view standing in what will be my new laundry room when it’s all said and done: 

Oh, and here’s a picture of our new bathtub (it isn’t installed yet, but that is the general area it will be-the vanity and the washer and dryer will be gone.)

Tomorrow the electricians come, to get our new electrical box running. Next week the roofers will be here….more big changes to come! 🙂

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