Weekending: Triathlon edition

This was a fun weekend! Today I did my second ever triathlon! It was in Knoxville, so yesterday after Jack’s soccer game (he did great-scored a goal!), we took the kids to Grammy and Pappy’s to spend the night and then spend all day with them today. Then Jake and I hit the road to Knoxville. We took our time getting there, stopping in Cookeville to antique shop. We haven’t gotten to do that in forever, and we actually found a ton of good stuff! We got some of it, but restrained ourselves on some of it, too. 🙂 

We got to Knoxville around dinner time, checked into our hotel, and then went to find some dinner. I picked sushi….which is my total go-to dinner of choice here lately when I pick. I love it! 

Meanwhile, the kids were having a great time with Grammy and Pappy….

The only bummer of the day was that Josie ended up having strep throat again! She had started complaining of her throat a little on Friday night, but I thought it might be allergies. But, sure enough, 2 hours after we left, Mom called and said she had a fever. Luckily, Mom was able to take her to the walk-in clinic so she could go ahead and start on antibiotics, so she felt much better today. But, poor thing, this is the second time she’s had strep in a month! 

Today started REAL early. Why do races always have to be so early? We met our friend Dylan (he’s a friend from church) at the race, because he was racing, too! 🙂 It was FREEZING this morning, but luckily the swim portion was indoors. However, running outside from the pool to the bike area was quite a shock! By the time we hit the run portion, though, it had warmed up quite a bit. 

This triathlon was a 800 yd swim, 6 mile bike, 3 mile run. It was just as fun as the last one, too! I really like triathlons. I did pretty good. I had set myself a goal to finish this one in 1 hr, 15 min. I completed it in 1 hr, 13 minutes! And, just as a record for myself, here were all my times: 

10:56 swim

2:13 1st transition

25:57 bike

:48 2nd transition

33:28 run

Total time: 1:13:20…..and place 175 out of 220


Dylan and I before the race

Jake got some cool pictures of the race

This was me before the race started, shivering while I was trying to get my transition area set up. 

All the swimmers on deck, waiting for it to start

Dylan and I in the transition area after the swim

Me on the bike….the course was SOOO hilly. 

Me coming through the finish line

Dylan finishing. 

It was a great race! I’m really glad I decided to do another one. 

After the race, we went to lunch with Dylan, and then Jake and I took our time getting home, stopping at a couple more antique malls. 

The kids, meanwhile, were still having a great time with Grammy and Pappy. They got to go play with their cousins, which they always love to do. 

It was a fun, good weekend. 🙂

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