The rest of Spring break…

The rest of Spring break has been pretty uneventful. 

Wednesday Mee-Maw watched the kiddos for a couple of hours  so I could meet my friend from church to get in a swim to train for our triathlon. After the swim, I ran 3 miles. I’m so glad I’m finally feeling somewhat back in shape. That 3 miles was the best I felt running in a long time. I have no idea why, but I am wondering if it was because I was still wearing my compression shorts/tops from swimming, and they kept me so nice and cool! Wednesday night we went to community group. 

Thursday we actually had some plans- the kiddos were supposed to have some friends over to play in the afternoon, and Josie and I were supposed to be going to watch play Thursday night, and Jake was supposed to have a soccer game Thursday night. Well, the weathermen were predicting HUGE storms to roll in Thursday afternoon-so much so that the counties all closed school because of it! So we cancelled all our plans- Jake’s soccer game was cancelled, I rescheduled the play date (because I didn’t want to be in charge of somebody else’s kids during a tornado), and we changed our play tickets until Friday. And then… did absolutely NOTHING. No storm at all. It lightly rained after dark. That was it. So all the rescheduling was for naught. We had a good day anyways, though. Mama Judy came over in the morning so we could work on getting our garden beds cleaned out. Since school was out, she had the cousins with her, so the kids had a great time getting to play for a bit. 

After lunch the kids I ran a couple of errands to the grocery store and Goodwill. I always hit up Goodwill for shorts for the kiddos, and it never disappoints. I got Jack a pair of khaki cargo shorts and a pair of slide sandals, and Josie 2 pairs of blue jean shorts, a blue jean skirt, and 2 pairs of Crazy 8 jeans (one to cut into shorts, one just to wear)- and I only spent $18! Totally worth it. 

After our errands, I got back to work in our yard. Josie and I cleaned out all the dead stuff from my purple cone flower bed, and I cleaned out my bee balm flower bed, too. Then I mowed the rest of the yard I didn’t get to the other day. 

That evening, I saw a friend was selling a cabinet on FB for a great deal, so the kids and I went and picked it up (more about that later) before we came home and ate some chili with Jake. 🙂

Friday was a chill day, too. We had a TON of workers at our house- things are really moving! They dug a trench to bury our electric lines, and the HVAC people were here, installing our new HVAC system- we’ve never had central air; we’ve always just had window air conditioners. But the new addition is going to take out the wall where the old window air conditioner was, and it was just a good opportunity to get it installed. Exciting stuff!

My friend from church met me at our house, and then we went over the Springfield Greenway and did a bike/run combo (triathlon training). We rode bikes for 6 miles, hopped right off and ran 3 miles. It took us 65 minutes. My goal for the triathlon, I think, is to complete everything in and hour and a half or under. We will see! 

Last night Josie and I went to see her friend Jocelyn (she is one of my students, too!), perform in a play- “My Fair Lady.” It was so cute, and Josie loved seeing her friend on the stage- of course, now she wants to be in a play, too! 

Today Jack was supposed to have a soccer game, and the kiddos were supposed to have friends over to play this afternoon, but last night Jack started running a fever. 🙁 He is fever free this morning, and feels fine except for a runny nose, but I don’t want to take chances of getting anyone sick, so we are going to lay low today. 

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