Friday’s project

So, one of my friends posted this great cabinet on FB for $60. We have been looking for a cabinet for Josie’s room so we could move all the art supplies into her room (since she is big enough now to know how to take care of them well). I thought this cabinet would be perfect, and it was small enough to fit up the stairs. With the spiral staircase and their slant walls, we always have to be thinking about that. 

It was a bit rough-needed some nails and a coat of spar urethane, so that was project yesterday. It turned out great, though! 

Here are the “before” pictures:

Some “during” pictures: 

I am always amazed at how much a difference clear coating can make!

Almost done!

And the “after” pictures: 

The arrows on the door actually were hanging on Josie’s wall where the cabinet is going to go, so we thought we would just hang them on the door. 🙂 It made her happy, which is all that matters, since it’s her room! 

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