Spring break day 2

Yesterday was a fun and busy day. In the morning I took the kiddos to meet some of our school friends at the zoo! It was a perfect weather day for the zoo- not too hot, and kind of cloudy. They had a blast, as always, and it is always more fun when you are sharing it with friends. 🙂

Josie just had to wear her flamingo dress since we were going to the zoo. The flamingos still are her favorite. 🙂

After we left the zoo we ran some errands. First stop, of course, was Sonic happy hour to get the kiddos some slushies- that is an after-zoo tradition for us.  We went to Old Navy and Jack picked himself out a fishing lure bathing suit. 🙂 (The little squirt is still in 3t bathing suits, lol). Then we ran over to Academy so I could get some new compression shorts for my triathlon. I have avoided wearing compression shorts for running for a long time, but triathlons just seem to require different gear than other races. And I have to say..they are SO comfy. I get it now. 😛 

After errands we took Josie to guitar, then made the frantic drive over to White House to take Jack to soccer practice. (there is only 30 minutes between her lesson and his practice. It.is.not.enough.time.) After his practice we picked up some hot-n-ready pizzas and headed home to meet Jake for dinner. 

Whew. It was a busy day, but a good day. 🙂

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