Spring Break day 1

I always love that we don’t travel on spring break. It is a good time to catch up on things around the house, and just not really have to think about much of anything. I also love that we get to see Jake so much more, since he works from home (although, I’m not sure he feels the same way since we are such a distraction!) I’m always amazed by how much I can get done in a day when I’m just at home. I never get too much done on Saturdays, because I just need a day to recuperate from the week. But a day off in the middle of the week? That’s a whole ‘nother ball game. 

Today we got woken up early than we planned on getting up, because the electricians were working in the addition. The plumbers came later on in the day, too. I made us all waffles for breakfast and then got busy piddling around the house. I did some laundry, changed sheets on beds, cleaned my bathtub (that was a LONG overdue chore), went for a run (I’m finally back up to 3 miles!), and played a board game with Jack on the porch. After lunch the kids and I went outside. They picked up sticks to earn allowance money, and I mowed the onions in the back yard. I was going to do the side yard, too, but it started POURING cats and dogs before I could finish. So I came inside (while the kiddos stayed outside and played in the rain, because why not?) and did some more kitchen work- made some more blackberry jelly! Yum! I also baked some sweet potatoes to put up in the freezer for some various recipes. (Mainly chocolate muffins…because why would you make anything else?)

Tonight we went to Mee Maw’s for dinner, and it was nice not to have to rush off to get the kids into bed. 🙂 Spring break for the win today, all the way around. 

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