Spring break day 2

Yesterday was a fun and busy day. In the morning I took the kiddos to meet some of our school friends at the zoo! It was a perfect weather day for the zoo- not too hot, and kind of cloudy. They had a blast, as always, and it is always more fun when you are sharing it with friends. 🙂

Josie just had to wear her flamingo dress since we were going to the zoo. The flamingos still are her favorite. 🙂

After we left the zoo we ran some errands. First stop, of course, was Sonic happy hour to get the kiddos some slushies- that is an after-zoo tradition for us.  We went to Old Navy and Jack picked himself out a fishing lure bathing suit. 🙂 (The little squirt is still in 3t bathing suits, lol). Then we ran over to Academy so I could get some new compression shorts for my triathlon. I have avoided wearing compression shorts for running for a long time, but triathlons just seem to require different gear than other races. And I have to say..they are SO comfy. I get it now. 😛 

After errands we took Josie to guitar, then made the frantic drive over to White House to take Jack to soccer practice. (there is only 30 minutes between her lesson and his practice. It.is.not.enough.time.) After his practice we picked up some hot-n-ready pizzas and headed home to meet Jake for dinner. 

Whew. It was a busy day, but a good day. 🙂

Spring Break day 1

I always love that we don’t travel on spring break. It is a good time to catch up on things around the house, and just not really have to think about much of anything. I also love that we get to see Jake so much more, since he works from home (although, I’m not sure he feels the same way since we are such a distraction!) I’m always amazed by how much I can get done in a day when I’m just at home. I never get too much done on Saturdays, because I just need a day to recuperate from the week. But a day off in the middle of the week? That’s a whole ‘nother ball game. 

Today we got woken up early than we planned on getting up, because the electricians were working in the addition. The plumbers came later on in the day, too. I made us all waffles for breakfast and then got busy piddling around the house. I did some laundry, changed sheets on beds, cleaned my bathtub (that was a LONG overdue chore), went for a run (I’m finally back up to 3 miles!), and played a board game with Jack on the porch. After lunch the kids and I went outside. They picked up sticks to earn allowance money, and I mowed the onions in the back yard. I was going to do the side yard, too, but it started POURING cats and dogs before I could finish. So I came inside (while the kiddos stayed outside and played in the rain, because why not?) and did some more kitchen work- made some more blackberry jelly! Yum! I also baked some sweet potatoes to put up in the freezer for some various recipes. (Mainly chocolate muffins…because why would you make anything else?)

Tonight we went to Mee Maw’s for dinner, and it was nice not to have to rush off to get the kids into bed. 🙂 Spring break for the win today, all the way around. 

Jack had his first spring soccer game today! His team only had 3 players at the game (they are supposed to play 4 on the field), but they did SO good-especially considering they’ve only had 1 practice (rain outs). All 3 of them scored a goal! And all 3 of them were WORN out after that game was over :).


This was a good weekend. 

Friday was Grandparent’s Day at our school, so Mee-Maw, Grammy, and Pappy all came to the school to see our kiddos do their thing. 🙂 My class did a good job-whew! I was worried after our practice on Thursday. Jack’s class did great, too. He knows all the books of the Bible, and I didn’t even know it! Love that #jecak. Grandparent’s day is also a half day, so the kiddos went home with Grammy and Pappy to play while I got some work done. 

After I finished working, I went to their house, too, and talked to my mom for 2 hours straight. We just don’t get to see each other enough, so when we do, it is like a marathon of catching up. Neither of us can hardly catch a breath. 🙂 Mom made chili for dinner, and Jake came after his soccer scrimmage. The kiddos ended up spending the night. 🙂

I must have needed it, because I slept for TWELVE hours Friday night. Went to sleep at 10, didn’t wake up until 10. Looked out the window when I finally got up, and saw a bit of snow on the trees and the cars. I didn’t realize it had actually snowed a significant amount until I got on FB and saw the pictures everyone had posted- HA! I slept right through it, and it melted before I woke up! 🙂 Good thing the kiddos were with Pappy, because he is an early riser, so they got to play in it before it melted. 🙂

Saturday afternoon I picked up the kiddos and took them ice skating with Josie’s Sunday school class. They both love to ice skate, and they did great. This was Jack’s first time to not get a scooter at all. It took him just a little bit to remember what he was doing, and then he was off! And making all kinds of goofy faces as he did it…

Josie was too busy and fast for me to get many pictures of her! 

Today after church we went to Swaney Swift’s Burgers in Gallatin- it was so delicious! We had heard good reviews, and wanted to check it out. After that we headed over to the Gallatin Civic Center so I could get some swimming practice in for my triathlon training. The kids were thrilled to get to swim, too! They both did great, although I think Jack’s lips turned a little blue. The water was FREEZING today. All went great at the swimming pool, until the very end when I was telling Jo to get out….and DROPPED.MY.PHONE.IN.THE.WATER. Yep, you read that right. Only me. I am a klutz with a capital K. It is currently sitting in a bowl of rice on my counter. Hopefully it can be revived. After showers in the locker room, we came home and enjoyed the rest of our afternoon together. 

It was a good weekend. Not nearly long enough, but good. I love this little family my God has blessed me with, and all the many, many blessings He has poured forth for us. I never, ever, want to take it for granted, but I know I do. Here’s to being supremely thankful for HIM.