Long weekending

It has been a good long weekend around here. We had Friday off as just a rest day (our headmaster declared it since we haven’t used any snow days yet), and today off for President’s Day. Friday’s excitement was the concrete footer being poured for our new dining room addition, and then Golly G’s for dessert. 

Saturday we spent the whole day at home. It was great. The kids played, Jake worked/played in his shop, and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen, making blackberry jelly with the blackberries we put in freezer this summer from our garden. I was so excited that it actually set up correctly! The freezer jam I’ve made in the past never did quite right, but this was easy and worked perfectly. 🙂 We go through a LOT of blackberry jelly, because I have a little boy in our house who loves it- his Pop would be proud. 

Sunday was  fun day, too. We skipped church, because we were taking the kiddos to see Wild Kratts Live. We had bought them tickets with money their aunt and uncle had given them for Christmas, but not told them what the surprise was, until we got there. They love surprises. 🙂 They love Wild Kratts, so we thought that the live show was really cool. They loved it, and for that I’m glad…..because Jake and I were SO not impressed. We have been to a lot of really cool kids shows…but this wasn’t one. They didn’t even have real animals! Oh well…like I said, at least the kids liked it. 🙂

After the show, we took Jack to Dave and Buster’s. For his birthday, he wanted to go to an arcade and play games, so his Mee Maw had given him money to do just that. He had a blast! 🙂 And while I let him play, Josie had such much needed one-on-one time with her Daddy, just walking around the mall. 

After we left the arcade, we took Jack to Toys R Us to look around (another one of his birthday requests). He spent some of his birthday money from Mee-Maw, Nana, and Grammy and Pappy to buy some Star Wars spaceships. He is making a collection, he says. 🙂

After all of the birthday-money-spending-excitement, we headed over to a friend’s house for dinner. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know this couple better, and Josie loves to hang out with their daughter (they are in the same class). In fact, she got to have her very first sleepover last night! She’s never spent the night with anyone that wasn’t family, but we decided that last night was a good time for her first time. 🙂 

They had a great time! 

Today before we went to pick her up, Jack and I went to the park to ride bikes and let him play on the playground. He’s my little buddy, and we got a lot of good one-on-one time in this weekend. 

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