Jack’s Birthday

Jack had a fun sixth birthday. Friday afternoon Mee Maw came over and gave Jack his birthday present. He was so excited to get some money to go do something fun! 

Friday night we took him on his family birthday date. He said he wanted corn dogs, so Jake drove us to Nashville to Cori’s Dog House, which is the epitome of good junk food. After that we took him to the opening night of the new Lego Batman movie. It was a cute movie. The kiddos thought it was so funny. 

Saturday, his actual birthday, we started the day with a trip to the donut store to get his birthday breakfast. He has a weakness for donuts for sure. 🙂

(And he picked out his birthday outfit- this is is all time favorite outfit….but unfortunately it is actually getting too small for him- he’s finally growing!)

The rest of the day was his birthday playdate! We let him invite 5 of his friends from his class to come and play for the day and have some lunch. 2 of his friends have siblings that are also Josie’s friends, so we invited them to come, too. 🙂 They all had SO much fun, and it was such a blessing that it was warm enough for them to play outside! The treehouse was in almost constant use, as well as the “woods” and the “fort” in the backyard. 🙂 Jack had a blast! 

This is what Jack wanted for his cake- chocolate cake, with his Star Wars toys on it-his request. 🙂

He also requested Pizza Hut pizza, root beer, and grapes. Done and done. 

He loved all his friends singing to him. 

These were the 5 kids he invited- 4 boys and 1 girl- these are the kiddos we hear the most about from his class. 🙂

And here’s the whole gang. 

What a fun day! 

Friday night Grammy and Pappy came over to give Jack his present, and they stayed for his requested birthday dinner- grilled hamburgers. 🙂 They gave him this new Star Wars robe, and he hasn’t taken it off a minute while we are home!

Happy Birthday, Jack man! 

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