6 years old

Dear Jack,

Today you are SIX years old. I think you are more excited for this birthday than any other birthday you’ve ever had. This has been SUCH a big year for you. In some ways you seem like such a big boy to me, and in other ways you still seem so small. (Well, you ARE small, too.)

The most exciting thing that has happened this year is that you started school! You were sad to not be going to Nana’s every day, but you were also ready to start coming with Josie and me. I was a little worried about how you would do in school since you never went to preschool, so this summer we did just a few pre-school type things to help you get ready. I shouldn’t have worried, though, because you tackled kindergarten like a champ! You read your first official book on December 4th- “Cat.” (A phonics reader) You are a wiz at math facts, and you are already reading lots of words! You have loved the social aspect of school, too (sometimes a little *too* much). You made fast friends. Your “best” friend is a boy in your class named Finn.

We had a busy summer and fall. You loved doing swimming lessons this year- you were so pumped every.single.day. to go. You loved playing soccer again this fall, too. You also ran cross country at JECA. You were always towards the end of the pack, mostly because you were a foot shorter than everyone else, but you never minded- you had fun anyways! You were a cowboy for Halloween- the cutest cowboy I’ve ever seen, decked out in Justin’s old cowboy costume.

You started doing speech therapy at school. Your speech teacher always tells us how hard you are working and what a good job you are doing. You will probably be done by the end of the year! It is a little sad to hear your little speech quirks go away, because I’ve always adored how you talk. 🙂 But it is for the best. You still say some pretty funny things, though. Here are a few of my favorites
-“bucept” = except
-you still call snowmobiles “snowmobeagles”
-tomorrow=next day; today=this day; yesterday=last day

Some other exciting happenings this year: 

-You can shower/bathe completely independently (this was exciting for Mommy, anyways!)
-you graduated to a “big boy” bike (Daddy’s first bike!), and you were SUCH  a daredevil on it.
-Daddy built you and Josie a treehouse!
-You changed your favorite color from “dreen” to red-and it was a hard-core change. No turning back.
-You discovered a new-found love for Root Beer and orange coke
-You had your first time on a big stage at Christmas Vespers and you did great!
-You went squirrel hunting for the first time ever with Pappy on Fall Break.

Some of your favorite things:
-Red anything
-Board games!!!! You would play a board game at ANY time, with anyone. You love them all. One of your favorites is Hotels.
-iPad games
-Monster trucks/anything with wheels
-Star Wars
-favorite foods: corn dogs, muffins, donuts, hamburgers, pizza and breadsticks, bananas, carrot sticks, Nutella sandwiches, sweet tea, sausage and biscuits, cinnamon rolls, Chinese food (honey chicken), Pirate’s Booty, chicken nuggets, fried chicken
-“collections”- right now yours are carabiner clips and mini spaceships
-playing with your Daddy
-riding your bike
-riding with Chad in his Razor

You are still a tiny thing. You are the smallest kindergartener at JECA. You weigh about 40 lbs, and are still wearing mostly size 4 clothes, although you are starting to get into some 5s. You love to eat, though, so maybe you will grow one of these days. 🙂 You have a strong opinion about your hair, and you prefer to wear all things red.

As big as you think you are, you will always be my baby. You have such a sweet, sweet, heart, and you are so kind to others. You are not malicious, and you love to have a good laugh. You love to help others. You are good at helping, too- you can almost do laundry by yourself! Some of your “baby” things are still sticking around-you still always want me to “pat pat” you at bedtime. You still sleep with a rotating menagerie of animals, and 2 receiving blankets. Right now that menagerie includes “Climby” (stuffed possum), “Pengi” (stuffed penguin that you confiscated from the Christmas decorations), Dolphie, and Razor (a camo dragon you got in your stocking).

Little boy, I love you to the moon and back. Happy Birthday!


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