This past weekend was a fun one. Josie and Jack got invited over to a friends’ (plural-they have a boy in Jack’s class, and a girl in Jo’s) house to play for the afternoon. They live in East Nashville, so Jake and I hit up Mas Tacos and The Soda Parlor for a date night before picking the kiddos up. The kids had a blast, and we did, too. šŸ™‚

Saturday night we had a family from my school over to hang out. It was really fun getting to know them better, and our kids played so well together. Jake and I are trying to be really intentional about getting to know some new couples/families this year.

Sunday afternoon I went with a few people from church to a community pool in Gallatin to swim in prep for my first triathlon of the year-in April! I was able to swim the entire distance without stopping, so that was reassuring. This one is a longer swim than the last one I did.

I am loving our weekends here lately, but they are always too short!

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