Catching up…again

I haven’t become a just once-in-awhile blogger on purpose, it has just happened that way here lately. No particular reason why….we just haven’t been doing anything particularly exciting. We are just doing life. And it is good. Just not necessarily blog-worthy. And I’ve been reading more here lately, so that’s been occupying a lot of my time.  We had some fun happenings this last week or so, though, so I thought I would catch up in list/picture format. 

1. Last Monday I got to go take Sadie’s newborn pictures. She is absolutely adorable, and Kinley is over the moon excited to be a big sister-she just can’t stop kissing her. 🙂 Josie and Jack got to meet Sadie for the first time, too. Josie was thrilled to get to hold her! Jack really couldn’t have cared less, but I didn’t expect much more from a 5 year old boy. 🙂 Here are couple of my favorites…

2. Last week Josie and I went to the symphony on a field trip with her/my class to see the Nashville symphony. It is always a fun field trip, and Josie was thrilled to get to choose two of her sweet friends to ride in my car with us. 🙂

3. Academically speaking, Jack is doing so well in kindergarten! His behavior, however is getting a little squirrelly as the year progresses. He likes to talk! 🙂 This weekend he got his first ever “grounding” after he pulled 3 sticks on Friday. He lost all iPad/screen time for the whole weekend. He was sad, but hopefully that “sting” was enough to remind him how to behave now. 🙂 #toughlove

(He’s the one right in front of the teacher.) (I love that I get to spy on my kids during the day. #teacherperks)

4.  The kiddos had a fun weekend (even if Jack was grounded from screens). Josie ended up spending the night with Grammy Friday night, so Jack went with me when I went to pick her up on Saturday. We hung out a little while, because Chad and Casey were there with some friends riding in the woods. Jack was thrilled to get to go on a ride with his Uncle Chad! 

These two….double trouble right here!

5. Sunday after church the kiddos went to a Vandy game with Shshr and Nana. They absolutely love going, and I love that they are getting to carry on a tradition that was always so special for me when I was their age. 🙂

Well, I guess that’s it. Here’s to my next catch up blog….

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